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UX design involves the development of website pages to create the most attractive, useful and effective perception of information for the target audience. The site’s interface should look good, all content should be logically connected, information should be displayed accurately and clearly for your visitors, and all key page elements should be in the focus of users’ attention, useful, and encourage action. Internet is the most competitive platform and the complex development of professional UX design can set you apart from other market players. High-quality UX design can attract the attention of a large audience, significantly strengthen your position, attract a large number of new customers, improve your image and secure your brand’s place against the background of other competitors. A poorly created UX design can miss even the most valuable information. Cieden company provides high-quality services to create creative UX designs that are a combination of logic, convenience, and artistic design. After all, the development of web design requires not only special design skills. A UX design specialist should be familiar with the latest web technologies, understand internet marketing, have good web programming experience, etc., so it is important to get in touch with qualified UX design services.

Look at your competitor’s website and compare it to your website

By carefully reviewing and analyzing the websites of your competitors, you will immediately notice that the most promising competitors have decided to pay due attention to the development of web design. You need to make UX design an important tool to promote your business online. Cieden is ready to create the best website on the market with your custom web design. Such a platform will be a commercial success. Prototypes allow designers to test functionality and help developers create compatibility between the system and its users before starting to build the final product. Prototypes allow designers to test both the functionality of the site and the general navigation. After identifying a problem, UX designers fix it to create a UX design that is closest to the business and user goals. UX designers need to be able to create prototypes quickly and efficiently.

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UI design is the look and feel of your website, while UX is the logic of your web product.

UI/UX designers are faced with creating user-friendly interfaces. At first glance, achieving such goals may seem like a simple task, but in reality, designing, developing, and testing projects requires a lot of time, resources, and knowledge. Comfort, practicality and intuitive understanding are key guidelines here. Functionality, logic, comfort. UX is what you remember. What is the key role of UX designers in the creation of a project? The key task of a UX designer is to understand how the product interacts with the user. He must take such actions that the user can logically and intuitively move from one step to another. Let’s give an example, in the event that when using the interface of the mobile application, you cannot immediately understand where the functions you need and the information content you need are located, the user experience, in this case, is bad, and the developers of the application did not try to make the product convenient and considerate for the users.

Designers consider different approaches to solving a specific user problem and choose the most suitable option based on the speed of its implementation, convenience and logic. A large part of a UX designer’s job is focused on figuring out the key tasks and problems facing users and how exactly UX designers can solve those problems. Designers do their research to better understand their target audience and what they want in their space. After collecting all the data received, the prototyping and testing process is carried out. Responsibilities include competitive and customer research. Prototyping, testing, and collaborating with UI developers is all about carefully tracking goals and analyzing and identifying potential opportunities to improve the customer experience. The key tasks assigned to the UX designer include the following points:

  • Careful investigation of the competition, customers and clients;
  • Prototyping and testing;
  • Active cooperation with UI designers and developers;
  • The process of monitoring the objectives of the product;
  • Efficient analysis and search for ways to improve user interaction.
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What is the key difference between creating a user interface design and a user experience design?

Quality UX design makes your website as useful and understandable as possible, meeting the needs of your customers to effectively achieve all goals on the website in the easiest way. The structure of the site becomes more logical and understandable thanks to the transfer of all informational content of the page in an understandable form for users. User interface design is what a user sees, the appearance, and the physical features of a website. The UI designer adjusts page colors, button sizes, text placement, readability, and more. The user interface design enhances the style and ensures that the visual component matches the logical structure of the website. UI and UX design are separate phenomena. The key tasks they perform and how they achieve their solutions are very different. However, there is something in common between UI and UX. They must work together to achieve the common goal of delivering the most important information to their target audience in an understandable way. A well-crafted UI and UX design can attract a large audience and keep their attention for a long time.

Stages of UX design development

When developing the UI/UX design, information is collected and various important nuances about the project and the target audience are looked for. After a detailed discussion of the project, the optimal format for achieving the set goals is determined and the key design strategy and priorities for the most important tasks are determined. Designers carefully study the details of your business, the market conditions of the services you provide, and the current opportunities of your competitors are carefully analyzed. This is an in-depth analysis of the industry that allows you to explore potentially important details, with the help of which you can create a useful and logical structure for your website based on the purpose of the website and the tasks it is supposed to perform. . . The analysis carried out of the industry ensures the creation of opportunities to attract the attention of the user and encourage him to take active actions. Designers develop many prototypes, creating every detail of the user interface in detail. Maximum attention is paid to all visual elements.

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