Where is chef Johnnie Mountain now? Celebrity Chef Bans Vegans

The announcement by a British chef that he will no longer serve plant-based customers at his Australian restaurant has angered vegans around the world. When John Mountain, a native of Preston, Lancashire, responded negatively to a review by a vegetarian or vegan, he sparked controversy by saying, “Fuck vegans… you can fuck off.” At Fyre in Perth, where a “lamb leg moss” costs £24, the 55-year-old has since banned such patrons, citing “mental health reasons”. However, the restaurateur has turned heads before, most notably during a notable appearance on the BBC’s Great British Menu over ten years ago. Fans would recall Mountain’s insistence on feeding King Charles, who was the Prince of Wales at the time, a rabbit stew pudding on a plastic plate, followed by his walking off set and cursing award-winning chef Marcus Wareing. with a Michelin star, for giving it two. Out of 10 for a fish dish.

Where is chef Johnnie Mountain now?

Early in his career, Mountain worked with Heston Blumenthal at Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, and received quick instructions from Marco Pierre White at his Mayfair restaurant, Mirabelle. But as he struggled with his drinking patterns, she quickly came to the conclusion that he didn’t want to work for anyone else. He admitted to The West Australian in 2019 that “the alcohol was getting too much.” He received an excessive amount of money and was screwed over practically every night. The only drink in his fridge was Veuve Clicquot. In order to create what he called “a magical place”, he made the decision to open his own restaurant in 2000. The name of the establishment was Mosaic and it was located in Wood Green, North London.

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Chef Johnnie Mountain

People told him the notion was absurd, but they were wrong when he began to receive positive feedback from some of the capital’s most scathing food critics. She subsequently made an appearance on Great British Menu, where she captured the attention of viewers with some unorthodox menu options as her stock continued to rise. He is asked how he would serve the then Prince of Wales a rabbit stew pudding on a white plastic plate in a famous scene, only to be mocked by his colleagues.

Chef Johnnie Mountain

He said: “When he came out and kicked the doors open, all he saw was this six foot photo of myself looking at him.” He removed it after taking one look at it and then kicked it, breaking it and dropping it on the study floor. He himself cried himself to sleep in my wife’s arms as soon as he got home. It only gets worse. He considered committing suicide and how he would accomplish it. A year after his participation in the Great British Menu in 2010, he used his own funds to open The English Pig at London’s Millbank, where he spent up to 80 hours a week. But once the venture failed 24 months later, costing him around £200,000 and forcing him to sell furniture and kitchen appliances to cover debts, he called it a “disaster” and declared the venture a failure. When he wrote ‘Pig: Cooking with a Passion for Pork’ in 2012, he made it clear that he was a dedicated carnivore, praising meat as ‘healthy, affordable and very adaptable’. On the other hand, his Instagram profile picture shows him wearing an apron and holding a baby pig. Then, in 2016, he moved to Australia with his wife and their two children, where he worked with some of Australia’s top chefs before opening Fyre. So this was it for this article. many details are not disclosed in this article. So, stay tuned for pkb news.

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Chef Johnnie MountainChef Johnnie MountainChef Johnnie Mountain

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