Where will Brittany Bryant go for a new job after leaving WMC TV?

Brittany Bryant is leaving WMC TV behind after 8 years of respected weather protection. Here’s what we know about where she later moved to. Brittney Bryant has really been an educated press and skin for Memphisans providing general weather information by way of snowfall and hurricanes, moreover, no matter the medium. Her accuracy and respected weather prediction of hers have truly made her a favorite of every Motion News 5 guest. However, Bryant has truly decided to leave WMC-TV behind and move to the next level of the life of her

Where does Brittany Bryant go looking for a new job?

Researching everyone’s ideas is definitely where he subsequently moved to. Learn more about Brittany’s decision to leave her neighborhood and establish the new meadows directly from her. She is definitely a Memphis citizen who often hoped to become a prophet in her private city space. With the reassurance of her stepfather, the prophet Brian Teighland, she sought an occupation in this specific trade. She earned a degree in interaction and related data, focusing on current headlines, from the University of Tennessee in 2011. She later earned an expert level in climatology from Mississippi State University in 2014.

The last time Brittany Bryant will be together with WMC TV will actually be on April 14, 2023. However, she definitely won’t be leaving the broadcast TV business entirely. Bryant intends to take on a non-weather job that will give him and her two children more opportunities. She will definitely still be in Memphis as well as continue to post weather updates on social media. Fans can still find the neighborhood round her as well as her greeting.

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Where is Brittany Bryant after leaving WMC TV?

Details of Brittany Bryant’s new job have yet to be revealed. She also gained teaching experience as an instructor for MSU’s Beginning Television Production class and co-authored a study on how viewers perceive colors on weather maps with their peers. Bryant began her career at WMBF-TV in Myrtle Beach, where she managed Tropical Storms Arthur and Ana, gaining critical insights in forecasting winter hurricanes and critical weather events. Brittany enjoys popular music online, as well as the Memphis Grizzlies. She also loves preparing ready meals and discovering new dishes in her spare time.

Bryant will receive an anticipated annual salary of $20,000 to $100,000 as one of WBIR’s top reporters. The entire estate of him is definitely believed to be really between $1 thousand and $5 thousand. She married Andy in September 2016, the couple met at a Memphis weather event meetup, followed up by trying out the Memphis Grizzle exercise, and got a share in January 2016. They chose for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Memphis, plus of Cedar Corridor is truly the best website for your wedding ceremony. They invited their first little boy, Camden James, in August of 2019.

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