Which actress died from Como Dice el Dicho?, why Beatriz Alvarez Guerra is viral on social networks

Which actress died from How does the saying say? Why is Beatriz Valle’s name mentioned on social networks and they claim that the actress died.

Which actress died from Como Dice el Dicho? In the last few hours, news has circulated of the death of an actress from the renowned Mexican television program.

However, this news is a chain of misinformation, since neither the cast of As the saying goes nor its production has released an official statement.

The misinformation comes from a Facebook page where it announces that Beatriz Álvarez Guerra had died, in fact, the actress died on October 4, 2022, but in her image she places the photo of Wendy González, also an actress on the program.

As a consequence, this publication caused confusion among users, as they confused the actress Wendy González as the person who died because she appeared to be in the photo, however, the one who really died was Beatriz Guerra, who also appeared in the television program.

What happened to Beatriz Álvarez Guerra?

The Spanish actress died in an accident at the age of 28 on October 4, 2022, leaving the family of the actors and actresses in mourning.

In the tragic accident, Beatriz Álvarez Guerra was found inside her car, which fell into the river in the Cerdedo – Cotobad region in Spain.

According to the media La Voz de Galia, Beatriz Álvarez was traveling with her partner, because they were on vacation in Valongo, Portugal and upon returning to Spain, on the PO-235 highway, the car left the road and ended up stranded in the Almofrei river. . where he got stuck.

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What is it like the saying goes?

“How does the saying say” is a Mexican television series that aired from 2011 to 2018, in which short stories based on popular Mexican sayings are presented.

Additionally, at the end of the episode the saying was revealed that served as a moral lesson for the story.

Which actress died from As the Saying Says? Wendy Gonzalez. Photo: Star Channel

Also, the program is characterized by having an educational and moralistic tone, seeking to transmit values ​​and teachings through the situations presented in each episode.

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