Who is Alex Truby? Dan Wootton’s ex-boyfriend accuses British broadcaster of emotional abuse

Wootton, 40, is a former entertainment journalist at the News of the World, who has extensively documented the private lives of celebrities. He moved to the Sun after the wiretapping scandal and wrote extensively about celebrities, including Caroline Flack. GB News host Dan Wootton became the subject of a scandal last week after his alleged ex-boyfriend Alex Truby made a series of allegations against him. On Twitter, Alex claimed that Dan Wootton had emotionally abused and harassed him when they were dating. Dan Wootton later allegedly used false identities online to mask himself in order to pay and trick others into providing harmful sexual information, according to reports by the Byline Times, which conducted a special investigation.

Who is Alex Truby?

For four years, Alex Truby was reportedly the former partner of Dan Wootton. He recently took to Twitter to claim that Dan not only accused him of being involved in the business of making sex videos, but also mentally abused him during their relationship. Alex allegedly found a padlocked bag hidden behind Wootton’s washing machine, when Wootton was abroad. Inside this bag, Alex discovered a hard drive. In it, there was a video that allegedly showed him having sex with a Sun employee. The tape appeared to have been recorded without his consent and with a hidden camera, according to Alex.

  • Last week Dan Wootton, a broadcaster for GB News, became the subject of a scandal.
  • Alex Truby, her ex-boyfriend made a series of accusations against her.
  • He claimed that Wootton had emotionally abused and harassed him.
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Recently sharing a lot of content about Dan Wootton, Alex has been active on Twitter. Alex also said that the video came with a transcript. It was supposedly an MSN communication between the partner, the Sun employee, and a person calling himself “Martin Branning.” Branning allegedly asked the couple to discreetly record a sex film and paid them £500, most likely without the Sun employee’s knowledge, according to the transcript. Alex added that he suspected his ex-boyfriend, Dan Wootton, had used the alias Martin Branning.

Additionally, Wootton gained illegal access to his email and social media accounts, according to Truby, leading him to believe he was being harassed. Truby asked Wootton about the items in the bag before finishing with him. Wootton emotionally confessed to him, admitting that he created and continued to use the pseudonym Martin Branning, according to Truby.

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