Who is Le Nghia Andy Pham? Taha Sabbagh murder accused arrested at Sydney airport

Today, we are going to share some very sad and shocking news. This news has destroyed the entire internet. This is very worrying news. This news is about the Taha Sabbagh shooting case. A father was shot dead in front of his son. This news has caused a great impact on people on the Internet. People are very sad for him. His family is completely depressed right now. They never expected this. The suspect has been arrested. Now people on the Internet are very curious to know about him. And they want to know who killed him and why. People want to know everything about this case. So we’ve done a lot of research on this case. And we will share all the information about this case. So, read the entire article to the end.

Le Nghia Andy Pham arrested, Image: Facebook

Who is Le Nghia Andy Pham?

The news of Taha Sabbagh’s death has caused a stir on the internet. His family and friends are in complete shock. This incident occurred on March 2, 2023. The news of his death has disturbed his family. Taha Sabbagh died at the age of 40. He was shot dead outside the Elite Fight Force gym in Sefton, west of Sydney. Taha was with his 12-year-old son in his gym in his black Mercedes van. This incident occurred around 6:30 am.

Le Nghia Andy PhamTaha Sabbagh, victim of the Sefton gym shooting. Image: Instagram

According to reports, there are a total of two suspects. The two suspected gunmen began shooting at Taha. His son was completely scared. He so far he is very scared because of this incident. Taha died instantly in front of his son. The police began to investigate this case. And they finally arrested one of the suspects who was reportedly about to board a flight out of Australia. The suspect is around 26 years old. he has been arrested by law enforcement officers outside of the Elite Fight Force in Sefton.

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Le Nghia Andy Pham

Taha Sabbagh was a famous chauffeur. He was shot outside an MMA gym, Elight Fight Force in western Sydney. This incident took place on March 2, 2023 at around 6:30 am. He was there to drop his son off at the gym. The suspect has been taken to Surrey Hills Police Station. He was arrested the same day as the murder. The 12-year-old son was reportedly calling for help as his father slumped over the wheel. The criminal is under police investigation at the moment. The police are investigating this case. Police are currently looking for the second suspect. More information on this case will be released soon, until then, stay tuned with us.

Le Nghia Andy Pham

A man accused of helping plan the brutal mob murder of a father in front of his son will remain behind bars after police arrested him for allegedly trying to flee to Southeast Asia. Read the article to know more. Homicide investigators detained Le Nghia Andy Pham, 26, at Sydney airport on Sunday as he was attempting to fly to Vietnam, and charged him with the March 2 murder of Taha Sabbagh. The person, Sabbagh, a 40-year-old father, was shot multiple times in the chest while sitting in a car with his son in what police described as a gruesome gang killing. In Sefton, police allegedly arrested the man from East who did not fire the gun but played a significant role in planning and coordinating before and after the execution of the shooting. He allegedly placed a second getaway car in position a week before the murder and, on the day of Sabbagh’s execution, he helped the suspected shooters to and from the locations.

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Pham was held in custody for a couple of days at Surry Hills police station on Monday when his lawyer Annabel Wurth failed to apply for bail during a brief admonition at Downing Center Local Court. His bail was formally rejected by Judge Greg Grogin, who ruled that Pham would remain in custody for another eight weeks. Homicide squad commander Danny Doherty said he brought a ticket to Vietnam and will hopefully arrive at jail soon, maybe Monday. He claimed that all of his actions are completely explicit. He added that he has now been brought before the court on a murder charge which we believe is a strong case against him. Pham hasn’t come in for a statement.

Right after the murder, Pham allegedly applied for a passport and was stopped on Sunday after investigators feared he might flee the jurisdiction. Detectives have reportedly been keeping an open mind about the motive for Sabbagh’s murder. On the other hand, one theory is that an organized crime network hired someone to kill him after a conflict. Sabbagh was shot in a car outside the Elite Fight Force martial arts gym in Sefton at around 6:30 a.m. on March 2, and died at the scene. Sabbagh’s 12-year-old son who was in the passenger seat was uninjured. Police later found a burnt-out Mazada about a kilometer away in neighboring Birrong. A Volkswagen, the second car to get away, was also found burnt out. Wrapping up the case, the search for the Sabbagh shooters continues. Pham will return to court on June 22. Thanks for being a patient reader.

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