Who is Peggy Fulford’s son? Meet her five husband

Peggy Fulford is said to have five husbands. Elkin is the son of Peggy Fulford. People are curious to know more about Elkin. You will get full details about Peggy Fulford and her son Elkin. Keep reading for more details.

Who is Peggy Fulford’s son, Elkin?

Peggy Fulford is said to be a con artist and was covered in diamonds. She had a reality show planned. She was a financial advisor and mentioned and believed that whoever manages someone’s finances manages their life. She was a thief and has a great lifestyle. She was also offered a reality show, The Peggy Show. She is said to have been in jail for years. People are curious to know about her son.

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Details about Peggy Fulford’s son Elkin:

Peggy Fulford became a mother for the first time when she gave birth to Elkin King. She was studying at Spelman College when she met her first husband. Both enter into a relationship and she becomes pregnant. They exchanged wedding vows. Her husband died in the DC-9 crash. The incident took place immediately after takeoff. He was killed along with 31 other people. She has been taking care of her child by herself.

Fulford was a thief who robbed innocent athletes. According to sources, she has also implicated her son in the robbery. She made her son her brother and gave him to her husband. Although, he was her son but he represented her as her brother. She was considering all of her actions to be true even though she was looting and committing crimes. The newspaper report of the Jim Hawkin interview said that Elkin was her first child.

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peggy fulford

It is said that he was married five times. Who are her five husbands? We will have details about them. As we mentioned earlier, her first husband died in an accident. She later met her second husband. They also separate. After a while, she met Forest King. He was a doctor. They got married and divorced after a while. We don’t have many details about her fourth husband. However, we do know that her last name was Williams.

Her fourth husband’s last name is also said to have been Williams, which matches the name of his victim, Ricky William. He was a professional soccer player. He seemed innocent at first, but then he turned into a nasty person. This was all because of Peggy. We continue to bring these types of articles to our website. Stay tuned for more details.

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