Who is the wife of Randy González? How many do Randy González’s children have?

We never understand the pain of that family that lost their loved ones at a very young age. Especially, the death of a parent is always heartbreaking both to share and to hear. One such family is currently going through the pain of a young father who is quite popular on social media platforms. Not only the family but also the fans of this father are also mourning the passing of him. All social networks only talk about his death and try to comfort his family through his words, but no words can overcome his pain. Follow more updates on PKBNews

Who is the wife of Randy González?

The name of the deceased is Randy González, who was part of the famous Tiktok group Enkyboys. The passing news of him recently appeared on the web on Wednesday, January 25, 2022, and since people heard it, he started crying. They are worried about his son and anxious to know the cause of death of this beloved father. He reportedly lost his life after battling cancer. In the month of April, he disclosed his illness to his fans and informed them that he was diagnosed with colon cancer. At that time, his cancer was in the fourth stage and it is difficult for him to survive, but his fans prayed for him.

How many do Randy González’s children have?

Now, after hearing the news of the father-of-3’s passing, people have taken to their social media accounts to pay tribute to him. Many of his fans remember this iconic social media personality. His fans are quite sad and want to know more about his family. Other than that, reports indicate that he passed away on the morning of Wednesday, January 25, 2023 and was in hospice care at the time. In the month of April, this deceased influencer revealed that the doctor already told him that he only had 2-3 years to live.

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The cost of his cure is also quite high which is why he set up a fundraising page on GoFundMe. Other than that, ever since he declared that he has cancer, he and his son named Brice have been using their social media account to raise awareness about the disease. There are many people who want to know the details of his funeral that are currently unknown but we are trying to find him as soon as possible. Our deepest condolences are also with the family and we pray for peace of soul. To know more keep visiting this website.

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