Who was Jacob Sandhagen, Cory Sandhagen Brother?

Cory Sandhagen is a skilled mixed martial artist from the United States, competing in the Bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He began his professional fighting career in 2015 and has participated in numerous fighting matches, showcasing his talent and abilities. As of May 9, 2023, Sandhagen holds an impressive #4 rank in the UFC bantamweight standings, a testament to his achievements in the sport. Apart from his successful MMA career, Cory also shares his knowledge by teaching mixed martial arts at High Altitude Martial Arts in Colorado. Additionally, he contributes to society by working part-time at a children’s trauma center. Throughout his journey, Cory Sandhagen has earned several accolades for his exceptional performances against tough opponents, establishing himself as a prominent UFC fighter.

Who was Jacob Sandhagen?

Jacob Sandhagen, Cory Sandhagen’s brother, sadly passed away at a young age, though the exact cause of his death remains under review. The two brothers shared a very close bond, akin to friendship rather than a traditional brotherly relationship. They grew up together in their hometown and attended the same school during their primary education. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Jacob Sandhagen, and his profession remains undisclosed to the public. Cory Sandhagen, the accomplished mixed martial artist, was born on April 20, 1992, in Aurora, Colorado, making him 31 years old at present. During his youth, Cory participated in basketball and was part of his high school’s basketball team. However, his interest later shifted to combat sports, particularly kickboxing, before transitioning to mixed martial arts, where he achieved a WKA world championship. Cory Sandhagen pursued psychology studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he earned his degree. While Cory has chosen to preserve his family’s privacy by not disclosing their names, he openly acknowledges their significant influence on his life. He mentioned that his father worked in construction, his mother in a hospital, and his grandfather was a farmer. Despite the tragic loss of his brother, Cory Sandhagen continues to cherish his family’s support as he pursues his remarkable MMA career.

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Cory Sandhagen’s fiancée, Erica Ueda, has a background in Physiology and serves as a recovery specialist and the Research and Development Director of Recovery Services at Resilience Code. Erica has achieved a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Northern Colorado University and continues to thrive in her career. Cory Sandhagen is known for openly sharing his relationship with Erica on social media, and Erica herself has also been in the public eye. The couple first met in early 2018 and officially announced their relationship on October 17, 2018. Cory proposed to Erica in August 2021, capturing the moment in a video that he shared on his Instagram. Throughout Cory’s journey as a mixed martial artist, Erica has been a steadfast and supportive presence during both the highs and lows, strengthening their relationship even further. The couple is expected to exchange vows and get married soon, beginning their new chapter as husband and wife.

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