Why did Heather Unbehaun lose custody? What’s wrong with her?

There are some cases that remain in the news even after months. The simple reason is the interesting and scary facts that bring them to the news. Children usually feel safe in the hands of their parents, but imagine the pain and fear of a child who was kidnapped by his own mother. Incredible and confusing, right? Surely many of you are thinking why a mother would kidnap her own son. Well, those who already know the case of Heather Unbehaun know what we are talking about, but those who are hearing this name for the first time are sure to get confused. Basically, a mother was accused of kidnapping her own daughter in South Elgin.

Why did Heather Unbehaun lose custody?

This case came to the attention of people after watching an episode on Netflix. A popular show titled “Unsolved Mysteries” featured the Heather Unbehaun case and people became interested in this case and started searching for information about it. Law enforcement officers were reportedly supposed to pick up the defendant in North Carolina, but she turned herself in in Kane County. This case was quite interesting, which inspired the creators to have an episode about it.

A Netflix user reportedly solves the case of the missing 6-year-old girl of Kayla Unbehaun. The girl was missing with her mother in 2017 but she appears in the recent series “Unsolved Mysteries” aimed at her rescue. According to the episode, the 15-year-old disappeared in 2017 when she was camping with her mother. The report states that her mother was believed to have fled at her risk because of a conflict with her husband, Ryan Iserka.

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The former couple were reportedly involved in a custody fight and somehow the girl’s father had managed to get full custody of his daughter, which of course her mother didn’t like and decided to kidnap her. Her father filed the case of the disappearance of her daughter and was quite worried about her. However, the missing girl is now safe and well and all the credit goes to a Netflix user who identified the girl from the series. She informed the police about the girl and they took her into protective custody. The boy’s mother was arrested on charges of kidnapping and child abduction.

The girl was 9 years old when she disappeared in July 2017. The girl’s father was granted full custody of his daughter. According to her lawyer Ryan, the girl’s mother was “playing around with health and medical issues.” On July 4, Kayla went to the parade with her mother but she never came back. She immediately informed the police about it.

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