Why did Paul Haysom leave Global News? Where is the new job going? Salary Details

Paul Haysom is said to be leaving Global News. What happened? People are curious to know more about why Paul Haysom left Global News. You will get complete details about Paul Haysom in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Paul Haysom leaves global news

Paul Haysom has been a presenter and producer before joining Global News. His work has been awarded. He broadcast the 2010 Olympics. It was hosted by him from Vancouver. In 2013, he covered historic flooding in southern Alberta. He loves to play hockey. He used to play in his free time. Along with hockey, he also likes golf and jogging. Currently, he is also learning to play the guitar. Let’s have more details on the departure of Paul Haysom from Global News.

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Why is Paul Haysom leaving Global News?

Paul Haysom is said to be leaving Global News. He was working as a presenter at Global Vancouver. They are currently looking for a similar face and talent to replace him. He publicly announced on the platform about his departure. He has mentioned that June 16 will be his last day at Global News. He mentions that he had everything to do in this job and that he really liked working with the team. He has also mentioned that he will work elsewhere. The position has already been accepted by him.

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However, he has not mentioned in detail about his new role. Haysom’s main reason was to experience another job opportunity that was being offered to him. The fans are somewhat sad after the news, since they will not be able to see his favorite presenter on television, but they will always be able to see him on his Twitter account. He regularly posts with his dog, Fuller, on Twitter. People are also curious to know more about her next job position. Well, there isn’t much information provided about her other work. It is possible that she is looking for a job change where money is not the main reason. She has been in journalism for a long time and money does not seem to be the reason for her change. Let’s take a look at her net worth.

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What is the net worth of Paul Haysom?

Paul Haysom is said to have a net worth of $500,000. He earns separate money from his writing of $46,700 per year. It was about Paul Haysom leaving Global News. Stay tuned for more details.

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