Why did Steve Allen leave the LBC station after 44 years?

Due to our busy lifestyles, most of us indulge in our health and sometimes it gets serious. That is why it is necessary that we take the necessary precautions as well as routine health checks to know in time any disease that we suffer. However, most of the people are concerned about the health of their favorite stars and that is why they are always up for their health updates. This time too, many of you came here to know about the LBC host’s illness, as the cancer rumors about him are making headlines and attracting a lot of attention.

Who is Steve Allen?

Steve Allen is a famous broadcaster who dominates the radio industry. People really love him for his prominent voice and the work he has done in this industry. He has worked in this industry for over 40 decades and well established his name for himself. He is quite popular for his role as a morning show host that airs on LBC. He has been a fixture for over 4 decades. Although this time he is in the news because of the rumors of his cancer. There are many rumors circulating on the web that he is suffering from cancer.

Steve Allen

Speculation mounts after his sudden resignation from the station. Now, after seeing the concern from fans, we came here to find out. According to various reports, the LBC host has been suffering from many health problems for a short time. Unfortunately, the rumors of his cancer are true, he has been fighting this deadly disease and his health has been in constant decline. This news is officially confirmed by the radio station. In a statement issued by LBC, they announced that Steve has decided to resign from his position and will not be able to present his morning show.

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Steve Allen

The official statement says that “Steve has been an integral and important part of LBC for over 4 decades and we are quite saddened to learn of his health issue.” On Friday morning, February 24, 2023, Steve Allen hosted his last show on LBC. His fans were quite shocked after he announced his resignation from the station and revealed that he was suffering from cancer. He even thanked his listeners for the immense support and love from him over many years and also expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he had had. His current health status is not available, but we are trying to contact him or any of his representatives to get details of his current health status.

Steve Allen

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