Mario Dandy Satrio Case Update: Circulating Collection of Luxury Bags Supposedly Belonging to Him

We started our news today with the viral video and now we are ending our day with another viral video. Now, you must have understood how some people use videos to get the attention of social media users. Especially on Twitter and Reddit, thousands of videos are posted daily, but some of them go viral and generate a lot of controversy. This time also a video is going viral and it is drawing a lot of attention and creating a lot of controversies. The name that is going viral along with the video is Mario Dandy Satario.

Mario Dandy Satrio Case Update

People refer to this video as haunting and that is why those people who have not seen it yet want to know about it. We understand people’s curiosity and that’s why we have to try to cover the news so that people find out. The video shows the suspect physically abusing the boy. Now that the video is related to the crime, then it is obvious that many people will find out more about it. The video has sparked the internet and people are calling for justice and want serious action against the suspect.

mario dandy satryo

The viral video shows a man identified as Mario Dandy Satrio. It is a trend on all social networks since he is the suspect who physically abused a child and his violent action was captured in the video that is now going viral on social networks. The suspect is 25 years old and the police are investigating the matter. There are many people who want to know why he hit the children and who recorded the video. However, it is not known who posted the video, but it sparked outrage among social media users demanding justice for the boy.

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mario dandy satryo

In the video, the boy can be seen crying from the bullying and the suspect is seen constantly hitting the victim many times and even pulling her hair. The victim was asking the suspect to leave him, but the suspect showed no pity for him. Reports indicate that the child was a relative of the suspect. The case has been filed and the police are investigating the matter. The police reportedly identified the boy and his parents and took their statements. The police also conducted a psychological evaluation of the suspect and checked his mental state. People want strict action against the suspect and ask for justice. There is a high probability that he will be sentenced to 15 years under the Indonesian Child Protection Law.

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