Wild video shows aerial view of Ukrainian drone ‘delivering explosive gift’ and destroying Russian truck

A thrilling video captures the moment a Ukrainian soldier skillfully lands a “kamikaze drone” inside an encroaching Russian truck just seconds before setting off a deadly explosion.

Split-screen footage shows the operator of the “Steel Frontier” unit and his vantage point as he chases the enemy vehicle crossing the border into Kharkiv, a city that has become a major target of offensive attacks by Moscow.

“Come on, come on, come on,” the soldier clad in a military camouflage suit and FPV (First Person View) drone goggles can be heard muttering in Ukrainian.

Within seconds, the aerial robot descends from the sky and slides into the small opening at the rear of what the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine identified as a Russian-produced UAZ military truck.

That’s when the drone “delivered an explosive gift,” the service said.

The soldier flew a kamikaze drone equipped with a grenade launcher into the back of a Russian truck. Defense of Ukraine/Twitter

The kamikaze drone’s camera instantly went black, presumably due to the violent explosion from the grenade launcher attached to its back that obliterated the drone and its enemies at once.

The soldiers joyfully applauded their success in protecting their border.

Stay updated on the status of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

  1. Bakhmut: Ukrainian forces continued to advance south of the Russian-held city of Bakhmut in the east, as the enemy attempted to slow the advance and restore its lost positions in the Orikhovo-Vasylivka and Klishchiivka districts. Until now, Ukraine was said to have liberated almost 17 square miles of territory in the area.
  2. Lyman: In the Lyman direction to the east, the Russians were reported to be regrouping troops and attacking Ukrainian positions around the towns of Kreminna, Belogorivka and Novoyehorivka.
  3. Avdiivka: In the Avdiivka direction, west of Donetsk, the Russians attacked multiple settlements with artillery fire and mortar shells in an attempt to take full control of the area, but Moscow’s forces made no confirmed gains.
  4. Mariinka: Ukrainian defenders are said to have continued to suppress advancing enemy troops in the Mariinka area, Dontesk region, where at least four villages were shelled.
  5. Zaporizhzhia: The Kiev army advanced about 3 miles southeast of the strategically important settlement of Robotyne in the western Zaporizhzhia region, which had been liberated this week. The Ukrainians were shoring up their positions and demining the area, which is an escape route to Tokmak, a major railway hub occupied by Russia.
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Images taken from another point of view confirm that they accomplished their mission.

A rapid burst of fire can be seen exploding on the bed of the truck where the drone flew over, followed by a dense stream of thick black smoke.

The vehicle continued down the dirt road but finally came to a stop after crashing into a tree.

kamikaze droneThe drone exploded upon landing on the truck, presumably killing everyone inside. Sergii Petruk

According to Ukrainian officials, no one got out of the destroyed UAZ truck.

“The hand of a master”, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said Wednesday in Xformerly known as Twitter.

“‘Steel Frontier’ border guards could compete with Antwerp jewelers.”

The truck explodes.Ukrainian officials said border soldiers noticed the enemy truck heading toward Kharkiv. Defense of Ukraine/Twitter

Ukrainian officials believe the Russian truck was headed towards Kharkiv, a key battleground in Moscow’s ongoing offensive war against Ukraine.

The Kremlin has repeatedly tried to take over the region, but Ukrainian troops have managed to prevent it for more than a year and a half.

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