You From The Future Chinese Drama: All Episodes With English Subtitle

In this article, we are going to talk about the newly released web series “You from the Future 2023”. Currently, the internet is talking about this movie. In this article, we are going to tell you about the story, cast, and other details of this series. You are going to see every single piece of information about this movie in this article. So let’s start, So first of all You from the Future 2023 is a Romantic, Sci-Fi series. This series is an adaptation of a novel. This series is released in China. This is a drama-type series. There are a total of 24 episodes in this series. This series was released on 4th August 2023, Friday. Till now this series has gained a good response from the public. Each episode of this series has a duration of 30 minutes. Scroll down to know everything about this series.

You From The Future Chinese Drama

The cast of the series “You from the Future 2023” is totally amazing. The main character includes “Luo Zheng”, he has played the character of Sen Jun Yao. “Ji Mei Han”, she has played the character of Xia Mo. The supporting cast includes “Yang Ze”, he has played the character of Xing Guang. “Chen Si Che”, has played the character of Tang Xiao Jie. and the other cast includes Wang Kang, Yang Xue Er, Nan Xi, Jie Bing, and Fang Chu Tong.

You From The Future

Now we are going to look at the story of You from the Future 2023. So the story starts where a character named “Xia Mo”, who is a recent college graduate. Her dream is to become a popular blogger and influencer. She decided to take the coastal house of her parents which is currently taken by the character named Shen Jun Yao, who is the CEO of a tech company that has installed some scientific machines and equipment there. Continue reading the story in the next paragraph.

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You From The Future 2023

They both negotiate for the house, so after the negotiations, Shen Jun Yao and Xia Mo agree to share the house. And at that time Xia Mo got to know that her new job at “C Station” is part of the same group as Shen Jun Yao’s company, StanTech. They started living together and they find each other very annoying after some time. But an intelligent robot whose name was “Starlight” recognizes Xia Mo as its owner. And at that time Shen Jun Yao shows her lovable qualities. So these series revolve around this story, to know everything go and watch this series now.

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