You need to see this today: Viral makeup artist recreates the ‘Mona Lisa’ on a potato

Imitating Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is a Herculean task for any artist, no matter the accolades in their hall of fame. So when a Brazilian professional makeup artist climbed this Everest with potatoes and some lettuce, the internet had to listen.

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Brazilian makeup artist recreated Mona Lisa on a potato

Huylson Tormen shared his edible masterpiece online in an Instagram video, which soon took off and took over viral charts. Tormen dug through his shopping list and made a masterpiece that left people on the Internet breathless.

Makeup artist recreated Mona Lisa with dadinstagram

The masterpiece began when Tormen purchased Mona Lisa potatoes, a starchy, golden-yellow variety, in South America. After bringing her purchases home, the MUA began by tracing a sketch of the art woman on the potato skin with a pen.

Then, with the sketch placed in front of him, the Brazilian makeup influencer started with his makeup brushes. The most important part of the painting was the eyes. So Tormen started with the woman’s discerning eyes, then worked on the outside and finished her skin.

However, it was not enough for him to turn the face of art history into a marvel. The artist took his masterpiece to the next level and worked on recreating the clothing and background of the painting. Tormen dug through his shopping bag and looked for anything he could use to make the woman’s clothes.

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The MUA used wilted lettuce and vegetables to recreate the Mona Lisa

The makeup artist used wilted lettuce and other greens to recreate the rest of the Mona Lisa and even seasoned the background to match the painting. The end result was an amazing replica of the original art.

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People on the Internet were very impressed with the makeup artist and his recreation of the Mona Lisa. One user thought the artwork was a testament to how makeup can enhance anything, even a vegetable: “It just goes to show that even potatoes with a little contouring can look pretty.”

Another echoed: “That just goes to show that even potatoes with a little outline can look pretty.” One user just wanted the potatoes to become fries: “They could have become delicious fries, cut potatoes but well done.”

Interestingly, one commenter wondered what happened next to Tormen’s masterpiece: “What happened next? I’d love to see a time-lapse of its decomposition.” Others simply praised the Brazilian makeup artist and his talent for transforming vegetables into iconic art.

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