10-Year-Old US Girl Fulfills Her Dying Wish, ‘Marries’ Boyfriend Days Before Losing Battle To Leukemia

With immense love and a bittersweet twist, she united with her childhood sweetheart, DJ Williams, shortly before her battle with leukemia reached its end. In a touching story that tugs at the heartstrings, a 10-year-old girl from the United States saw her dream of getting married come true. 

Their heartwarming wedding took place in a grand celebration on June 29, a mere 12 days before she bid farewell at the age of 10. 

This poignant tale was shared by the New York Post.

Emma was diagnosed with a type of leukemia called acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in April of the previous year. 

Her parents, Alina and Aaron Edwards hoped she would get better. Sadly, they received the devastating news in June that her cancer couldn’t be cured. 

The family was told she only had a few days to live, as reported by Kennedy News Media.

“We were going for another kind of treatment, and they told us that she probably had days to a week, not weeks,” Ms. Alina said. “We didn’t expect to hear that at all. We thought we were going for another kind of treatment that would work. It was like a gut punch. You never imagine them saying they can’t do anything else for her,” she added.

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When they heard the heartbreaking news, Ms. Alina and DJ’s mother immediately started organizing arrangements for a symbolic “wedding.”

“It had to happen super fast. We threw it together in less than two days; everything ended up being donated,” said Ms. Alina, mentioning that it was a garden ceremony attended by around 100 guests.

“It was so precious, and it came together so well. Her dad gets to say he gave her away. A friend of ours officiated, a friend read a verse from the Bible, and her best friend was maid of honor,” she added.

Ms. Alina also expressed her admiration for her new son-in-law.

“DJ is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. He has a heart of gold, and he really loves Emma,” she said.

Additionally, Alina Edwards shared that Emma appeared healthy until a hospital visit was necessary due to a fall.

In April 2022, during the medical examination, cancer was discovered in the bones of her legs. 

Alina revealed that the doctors initially stated that the cancer was “common” in children and likely to be treatable. Unfortunately, this turned out to be untrue for Emma.

For those unfamiliar, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a cancer that impacts the blood and bone marrow. 


The Mayo Clinic explains that it advances swiftly and aggressively, necessitating prompt intervention. This condition affects both adults and children.

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