Learn how to get Twitch on your Samsung TV in 2023

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We love watching movies and stretching out on the couch with the latest Samsung (call me vintage) TV. With Netflix it’s fine, but the day we want to watch our favorite streamer… Unfortunately, it’s not that easy with Twitch.

Today, there are many compatibility problems with the streaming platform. In this article, we will show all the possible tricks on how to get Twitch on Samsung TV. So you can (finally) watch Twitch on your TV (Samsung or any other brand).

How to get Twitch on Samsung TVs?

How to get Twitch on Samsung TVs?

Some brands, like Samsung, have their own operating systems. The only way to download applications is through the brand’s system, and many times you don’t have access to the entire Google Play catalog.

It’s even worse for Samsung, as their Smart TVs no longer support the Twitch app (as of 2019). Thus, users need an alternative to enjoy Twitch on their televisions.

Fortunately, other brands are already supported by the leading streaming app. Panasonic smart TVs or LG models running WebOS 3.5 or higher are compatible with Twitch.

Watch Twitch on your TV through external devices.

The easiest way to watch Twitch on our TV is with a Chromecast device.

Using Chromecast

It is a device that connects via HDMI to our television and to our WiFi network. Once configured, it is possible to stream content from your smartphone from the supported platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Prime… and Twitch).

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Oh, and your TV doesn’t have to be a Smart TV.

chromecast deviceChromecast device to stream Twitch on your Smart TV

Once you have these devices, it is very easy to stream Twitch on your Samsung TV or whatever brand it is. Open the Twitch app on your smartphone and start watching a stream. Next, tap on the TV-shaped button and select your Chromecast device.

There you have it: Twitch on your TV.

Other devices

Other (perhaps cheaper) alternatives allow you to access Android TV and stream Twitch to the TV. For example, Amazon’s Fire TV device. Very easy to use thanks to its small remote control.

How To Get Twitch On Samsung TV: Alternative Ways

If all of the above still does not work, one last solution is to project the screen of our smartphone directly on the television.

DLNA and streaming apps

This is usually possible with Android devices when our TV is compatible with DLNA. It is a system that facilitates the connection of different electronic devices in a network.

From the menu of your mobile device, you will find an option that is usually called “Share screen” or similar. If your smartphone is compatible with the TV, it will be automatically detected and you can cast your smartphone screen directly to the TV.

share-phone-screen-with-smart-tvShare phone screen with Smart TV

Some applications work in a very similar way in case your smartphone is not compatible. If you are an Android user, we recommend using ApowerMirror. If you’re at Apple, the easiest thing to do is to use AirPlay.

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Our expert opinion on the matter

there is always a bit of delay (inevitable), and you won’t be able to use your smartphone while watching TV.

This is a good temporary solution. But if you’re watching a lot of Twitch on your TV, we recommend getting a Chromecast or a Fire TV.

Last words

Technology is always evolving, but doing what the brand wants is not easy, especially if they are different devices. We hope this brief guide has been useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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