16-year-old girl stabbed to death during fight over sweet and sour sauce outside McDonald’s in DC

A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death outside a McDonald’s in the Washington, DC area, in an apparent dispute over sweet and sour sauce over the weekend.

Naima Liggon, of Waldorf, Maryland, was allegedly killed by another 16-year-old girl outside the fast food chain in a popular nightlife area of ​​the city around 2 a.m., the Metropolitan Police said.

The deadly knife attack stemmed from an argument over the nugget sauce between the teens and a third girl, Detective Brendan Jasper testified in court Monday, according to the Washington Post.

The verbal dispute turned physical when Liggon and the third girl punched the teenage suspect, who initially did not fight back, outside the restaurant near U Street NW, Jasper told the court, citing security footage.

Instead, the 16-year-old “lunged” at Liggon and the third teen as they tried to get into a vehicle, the detective testified.

The suspect allegedly stabbed Liggon in the chest and abdomen with a 7 1/2-inch blade, he said. The girl was rushed to the hospital by private means but they could not save her.

Liggon died the day before classes were to resume at Thomas Stone High School after the summer break.

Naima Liggon, 16, was stabbed to death by another 16-year-old girl in a fight over sweet and sour sauce, authorities said. Courtesy of the Liggon family

The 16-year-old suspect, whose name has not been released due to her age, was arrested Sunday and will also be missing school as she was ordered held without bail until her next court date, the Washington Post reported.

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The girl, who is also from Waldorf, was charged with second-degree murder while armed and pleaded not involved (the juvenile version of not guilty) during Monday’s hearing.

“At the end of the day, someone is dead over a sauce dispute,” DC Superior Court Judge Sherri Beatty-Arthur said, announcing that the girl will remain in custody until her next hearing on Friday.

She was found to be in possession of a knife when police handcuffed her, the Metropolitan Police said.

“She was the only person who brought a knife to a fistfight,” prosecutor Priscilla Guerrero said, according to the newspaper.

The teenager’s defense attorney claimed that she acted in self-defense.

Naima Liggon hugged by her motherLiggon was a student at Thomas Stone High School and was supposed to resume classes the day after his murder. Courtesy of the Liggon family

DC officials have created a curfew for minors 16 and younger in various parts of DC, including the U Street area, beginning Friday.

The curfew, which begins at 11 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on weekends, is part of an effort to reduce youth violence in the district.

Liggon was the 13th person under the age of 18 to be killed in Washington this year, often at the hands of other minors, according to the Washington Post.

A neighbor whose son was friends with Liggon described the teen as “a beautiful person” in an interview with Fox5 Washington DC.

“She was the first friend [my son] I met him when he got here,” Rickey Graves told the local station.

“It’s just…it was a shock to us because she’s a beautiful person. She had a great personality, she was always laughing, lots of laughter. Her mom: very friendly and beautiful people. So I’m surprised that this kind of thing happened to her.”

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