49 Popular, Unique and Trendy Christian Girl Names Beginning with the Letter P in June 2023

Naming a child is one of the most memorable and lucky days in any parent’s life.

Is it great news that you and your spouse are about to become parents, or does it look like you just welcomed a lovely little princess into your home? In both cases, you should look for a simple, cute and original girl’s name for your child. Also, naming a child is an important occasion that can be enhanced with a nice name.

“What’s in a name?” Wrote William Shakespeare. In this case, your name is the only thing that will express all your personality and identity for everyone; in fact, his name alone will make him unique among everyone in the room. Surprisingly, naming a child is one of the most memorable and lucky days in any parent’s life.

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A name can have specific characteristics, such as being easy to pronounce, fitting one’s personality, being pleasant to listen to, and having significant meaning. Finding the perfect name for your child can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. So we have compiled a list of some of the most similar, distinctive and meaningful gifts for your daughter that she can choose without wasting any time.

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Unique Christian baby names with the letter “P”

  1. Peniella – A person gifted from God
  2. Percy-Princess
  3. Philberta – Bright personality
  4. Phyona –Beautiful
  5. Portia – A gift
  6. Pia – Someone who is pious
  7. Priyanthi – Natural Gift of God
  8. Peace – A peaceful woman
  9. Persis – Exotic Person
  10. Phyllicia – Someone who is lucky
  11. Precious – Someone who is loved
  12. Priti – A person who is charming
  13. Phoebe – Someone with a pure heart
  14. Parisa – A fairy
  15. Petula – A bold personality
  16. Phoobe – Sparkling
  17. Phoenix – Someone like a phoenix
  18. Paisley- A church
  19. Prudence – Someone who is cautious
  20. Pris – Ancient
  21. Posy – A bouquet of flowers.
  22. Penina – A gem
  23. Phoebe – A brilliant
  24. Phemie – Someone who speaks well
  25. Pollie – Rebellion
  26. perel-small rock
  27. Preeda – Someone who is cheerful
  28. Paharita – Little Bird
  29. Philomena – Nightingale
  30. Patience – Someone who is virtuous
  31. Pascaline – Someone born during Easter
  32. Peregrine – Someone who loves to travel
  33. Perin – beautiful angel
  34. Pamela – Sweet
  35. Patti – A noblewoman
  36. Paola – A humble person
  37. Paula – Small
  38. Pearl – Someone who is precious
  39. Peta-gay – Heaven’s Blessing
  40. Petaline – Someone who resembles a petal
  41. Peggy – Child of Light
  42. Peniella – God’s gift
  43. Pierre – Someone with kindness
  44. Preteena – Someone who is the best
  45. Dove – Someone with the spirit of a dove
  46. Pansy – A thought
  47. Patricia – A noble person
  48. Pavati – Someone like clear water
  49. Phoebe – Goddess of the moon
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