5 Weird Historical Facts You Won’t Believe Really Happened

From ancient cultures to modern warfare, history is an endless source of fascinating knowledge. Some facts, however, are harder to accept.

From innovative remedies to bizarre visions, these historical vignettes offer fascinating insight into the people of the time. You will never look at a turkey the same way again.

Here are some strange historical facts that will change your mind.

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1. The shortest war

shorter warWikimedia Commons

The United Kingdom and the Sultanate of Zanzibar engaged in a brief military war on August 27, 1896. The death two days earlier of Hamad Bin Thuwaini, the pro-British sultan, was the immediate cause of the Anglo-Zanzibar War. He was succeeded by Sultan Khalid bin Barghash.

The British authorities, by contrast, would have preferred the succession of Hamoud bin Mohammed because it was more favorable to their national interests.

2. Food sack clothing


Fashion was not on anyone’s mind when it came to clothing; therefore, Americans resorted to using everyday items as materials. Burlap sacks were most commonly used to transport foods such as flour and potatoes.

Taking advantage of a bad situation, food manufacturers worked hard to make bags more attractive. They brightened them up with nice designs like sunbursts and flowers.

Consumers soaked the ink in lard or kerosene overnight to remove the logo from the bag.

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3. The horse as a member of public office


The Roman Emperor Gaius, also known as Caligula, is widely considered to be insane. He was the first Roman emperor assassinated and had a reputation for being violent and paranoid. His horse, Incitatus, on the other hand, was a reliable companion. Caligula, of course, would want to do something to honor him.

Caligula even planned to make his horse a consul, the highest elected government position in the Roman Republic, before his untimely death.

4. Turkeys like gods


Turkeys can be seen everywhere in Mayan iconography. They were important in Mayan culture and religion because they were supposed to represent enormous power.

Turkeys were thought to have remarkable abilities that could endanger people in the space of night dreams. They were treated as if they were conduits for the gods.

5. A fake Paris

fake paris theculturetrip.com

Most people are aware that World War I changed the way conflicts were fought, but few realize how inventive people were during this tremendous fight. As German bombers destroyed France, planners scrambled to find a way to keep Paris safe.

Naturally, they considered building a replica of the metropolis that pilots might mistake for the real thing at night.

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