A 2-year-old boy accidentally swallows 8 needles: “I was focused on my work”

Having a child swallow something dangerous is every parent’s nightmare.

Fortunately for mother Narly Olórtegui Pisco of Peru, her 2-year-old son is fine after he accidentally swallowed needles on the farm where Pisco works, Jam Press reported.

The boy was rushed last week from the farm in Mariscal Cáceres province to Hospital II-2 in Tarapoto for life-saving surgery.

An X-ray of his abdomen revealed eight needles, which doctors removed in just under two hours.

“Getting them out took a while, but we did it with the support of the Lord. We even managed to remove the ones below,” surgeon Efraín Salazar Tito told CEN.

Narly Olórtegui Pisco said she was focused on her work and didn't notice her son swallowing the needles. Narly Olórtegui Pisco said she was focused on her work and did not notice her son swallowing the needles. jam press

In a statement, the regional government noted that there were two needles in the peritoneum (which lines the abdominal cavity) on the right side; three on the left side; one in the abdominal wall; and two others “dangerously located” between the bladder and the rectum.

Pisco expressed his gratitude to the doctors who saved his son’s life. “If it had not been for his timely surgical intervention, his health would have worsened and the outcome would have been different,” he told Jam Press.

Pisco, a single mother, said she took her son to work with her because she had no one else to care for him.

She said she didn’t realize he swallowed the needles because she was busy at work.

It is believed that they were used to inject livestock on the farm.

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“I didn’t realize it because I was focused on my work,” Pisco said, according to CEN. “Sometimes children put anything in their mouths when they crawl or when they start to walk.”

The X-ray revealed eight needles in the child's abdomen. An X-ray revealed eight needles in the boy’s abdomen. jam press
Surgeon The medical team was able to remove the needles in just under 2 hours. jam press

Doctors treated small lesions in the boy’s small intestine.

He was temporarily placed on an all-liquid diet and released from the hospital several days later.

Doctors reported the incident to local authorities because they could not understand how the boy could have swallowed so many needles.

They suspected he might have been mistreated, CEN reported.

An investigation is ongoing.

Children being taken to the emergency room for swallowing foreign objects happens all the time.

Recently, a 4-year-old boy’s pain was caused by a magnetic bracelet on his stomach.

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