A Bengaluru man beat his partner to death with a pressure cooker on suspicion of an affair

In a twisted story of love and revenge, a man beats his roommate to death. Bengaluru police arrested a man named Vaishnav on Sunday. He is accused of using a pressure cooker to kill his partner of 24 years, Devi.

The incident occurred at his MICO Layout apartment on Saturday night.

The police claimed that an engineering graduate named Vaishnav allegedly committed the act due to suspicions of infidelity.

Vaishnav and Devi were from Kerala and had been in a relationship for three years. They had been living together for the past two years. The defendant admitted to police that the woman’s closeness to another man bothered him, which ultimately led to the murder.

The police also mentioned that the two had been fighting regularly even before the incident on Saturday.

When the couple’s relationship soured, Devi’s sister Krishna offered them counseling at her home on Saturday, according to police.

After returning from Krishna’s house, another argument broke out between Devi and Vaisnava.


In a fit of rage, Vaishnav allegedly struck Devi’s head multiple times with a pot, resulting in her death, according to police.

At around 4 PM, Krishna tried to call both of them. Not responding, she became suspicious and went to her residence, where she discovered Devi’s body. Based on her complaint, the police arrested Vaishnav.

Despite the complexities of emotions and human connections, the incident is a stark reminder of the importance of communication and seeking help when relationships take a turbulent turn.

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Tragedies like these highlight the need for better understanding and intervention to prevent such grim outcomes in the future.

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