A man hosts a dinner party and surprises the guests by asking them to pay Rs 2,000 each later.

Having a dinner party is a great way to gather your friends and relax at home while enjoying delicious food and wine. It’s much more affordable and convenient than going out, since you don’t have to spend money on transportation or deal with slow service and extra charges.

However, one guest got a nasty surprise when he was asked to pay for the ingredients per person, even though he had brought a bottle of wine and was invited to the party.

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This incident was shared on the Mumsnet online forum.

One man wrote: “We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner. We took a bottle of good wine with us, we would never leave empty handed. We had a nice meal but they messaged us after asking for money for each individual! This sounded crazy to me, and I would never expect someone to pay for their food if I ask around!”

Most people were very upset by the message and shared the opinion that the host was wrong for not letting them know in advance that they would be responsible for covering the cost of their own food.

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One comment read: “Outrageous and incredibly rude behavior.” Another user said: “I would be absolutely mortified to meet someone so tight.” One more wrote: “If they couldn’t afford to host then they should have invited everyone and brought a plate of food.”

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Some users on the forum recommended that the guest wire the money to cover their share of the cost of the meal and then cancel to reciprocate the host’s rudeness.


“Couldn’t you text them and tell them we’re hosting at x?” Another idea read, “Since the cost will be the same, should we just call it even?”

In the comments section, the person who initially posted about the incident mentioned that they were asked to pay just over £20 (roughly Rs 2000) per person. Another user made a joyful comment saying:

“Tell them the bottle of wine you had was £45.05 (about Rs 4600).” So they owe you five pounds. You’ll give up some because they’re wonderful friends.”

Overall, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of having clear expectations and open communication when hosting or attending a dinner party.

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