A three-legged bear named ‘Tripod’ breaks into a Florida home and swallows three white claws

What a party boy!

A three-legged bear wanting to join in the Labor Day weekend festivities was caught stealing White Claws from a Florida family’s outdoor cooler.

Shocking video shows the black bear, affectionately known in the neighborhood as “Tripod,” nonchalantly strolling around the covered patio in Lake Mary, a city about 20 miles north of Orlando, on Sunday.

Joseph Diglio, 13, was watching television inside the house when the family dog, Bruno, erupted into a chaotic bark.

“This is like once in a lifetime…” the stunned teen can be heard saying in the pictures he took on his cellphone and shared with WESH.

“There’s literally a bear in our yard… Oh my God, I’ve never been this close to a bear.”

Tripod slowly crept around the lanai, sniffing out possible food the family might have left outside.

She settled on fish food that the Diglios left by their fish tank before heading to the bar.

“He just opened the door!” —Diglio exclaimed happily.

Tripod the three-legged bear ripped a hole in the screen on the family’s lanai. Courtesy of the Faneite-Diglio family

“He’s about to drink the beer. There’s no food there, buddy.”

Tripod, however, seemed perfectly satisfied with the selection of drinks at the Diglio house.

“He took three White Claws, drank, and left very happy. Her favorite flavor is mango and strawberry,” Joseph’s mother, Josaury Faneite-Diglio, told the outlet.

The tripod opens the refrigerator cabinet.Tripod was able to open the door of the bar’s refrigerator and slid three White Claws from inside. Courtesy of the Faneite-Diglio family
The White Claws Tripod drank.Tripod drank three White Claws in the strawberry and mango flavors.WESH 2

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In the end, Bruno’s barking startled Tripod, who went back the way he came: through a hole in the family’s screen.

According to Joseph, this is the second time a bear has done it.

“Honestly, it’s just a part of living where we live,” he said.

jose diglioJoseph Diglio captured the entire encounter on video.WESH 2

Faneite-Diglio said Tripod is a beloved member of her Seminole Country neighborhood.

“I was not afraid because we know the bear very well. He he Lives here; We respect his habitat as much as we can.”

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