Abby Choi autopsy report update: head found in soup pot and legs in fridge

Our world is struggling with many serious problems, including serious crime. Police and law enforcement are trying their best to ensure the safety of the citizens, but they cannot read the mind of the weirdo criminals. No one is born a criminal but their illegal action makes them criminals and these types of people only act as a danger to society and end up committing serious crimes that upset society. One such horrible case has been breaking out in the news showing the senseless and horrible act of a criminal.

Abby Choi autopsy report update

This news is making the hair stand on end to all those who heard it. Pieces of a woman’s corpse were reportedly found in different places, which is enough to scare you. Now the report of these human pieces comes out and screams about the crime that has occurred with a lady identified as Abby Choi. In this case, 4 people have been indicted for Choi’s murder. This heinous news or crime came to light after the report of the lack of this model surfaced on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

abby choy

The case of the disappearance has been presented under the investigation of the Hong Kong Police, which has accused 4 people of the brutal murder of the model. Shockingly, the late model’s ex-husband has been charged with murder, including his parents and her brother as well. According to the police, it is a planned murder and her ex-husband was doing this plan for quite some time and as soon as she gets the chance she executes it. The late model had recently appeared on the digital cover of the fashion magazine L’Officiel Monaco just 3 days before her disappearance.

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abby choy

According to the late model’s autopsy report, media reports reported that Choi had a serious skull injury behind her right ear and there is a high probability that the killer used a hard object to kill the person. . The police department shared that when they arrived at the crime scene, they discovered 2 pots of soup, 1 filled with a mixture of human meat, carrots and green radishes and covered in thick fat.

abby choy

To avoid being caught, the suspects covered the walls of the flat with a candle and wore face shields and raincoats as they dismembered the body. All these things indicated that it was a planned murder and that some parts of the body of the deceased were found. The investigation of the case is still ongoing and the police have not shared much information about this case as it is a sensitive matter. The model’s head was discovered in the soup pot. The reports further added that the killer had boiled her head until it became her skull.

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