How to find your niche in writing

Discovering your writing specialty could be a bit difficult. Some people are generalists and some are specialists. Even if you like to write a bit of everything, it’s nice to have a genre that you can always fall back on. But how exactly do you find that genre?

In writing, that ‘genre’ is your niche. It is what you specialize in and it is what you like to write the most. When companies look for a writer, they hope to find someone who is an expert in a particular field. Let’s look at some ways you can find your niche in writing:

Academic backgrounds:

The first thing you’ll want to look at when choosing your niche is your educational background. We have spent at least three years in a university, mastering a subject to obtain a degree. It is something that has taken root in us. This is also probably the easiest way to find your niche because you would have spent enough time choosing your specialization as well. So, if this is something that interests you, start writing about it to find out if that could be your niche.

Your passions and interests:

We all have something we are passionate about outside of our fields of study. This is the next place to look if writing about your field of study doesn’t excite you as much. You can write well on topics that interest you. And if you find that in your passions, it’s certainly a win-win situation. You also need to understand the type of writing you want to do. There are blogs, social media posts, news, and much more.

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Check your resume:

Reviewing your resume will help you narrow down your options as you can see specifically where you have experience. Every job or internship on your resume is a starting point for finding your niche. We are sure that there will be an internship that you would have done in your student life that you have enjoyed a lot. Pick those pieces up again and write about those experiences. You never know what the end result will be like!

Tone, a lot:

Start exploring different topics that are in demand in the industry. Conduct research, create content, and find someone who is ready to publish it for you. When you start doing this, it becomes easier for you to better understand what topic you are likely to be interested in. And once you find out, we know you’ll dig into it.

Get in touch with your friends:

Another way that you can find your niche is by turning to your friends. What kind of advice do your friends ask you for? When are you usually the go-to person for them? When your friends answer these questions, you will realize that there is common ground between all of this. It might be worth finding out if your interest in writing lies here or not.

Understand your audience:

Certainly, your niche is what you enjoy writing about, but another factor to consider is what your audience would like to read. You don’t want to be a content writer whose work doesn’t attract an audience. While you need to enjoy your niche, your audience should too. So, find something that works for both of you and invest your time in it. That is when companies will also want to hire you for their work.

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Ask for feedback:

The public plays a very important role in this process. You might really love what you’re writing about, but what if it doesn’t connect with the audience? Sit down with some friends and family whose advice you believe. Ask them to read what you have written and ask their opinion about it. It will certainly help you improve. If you want to understand the writing process in more detail, we have a way to do it. We are offering an online writing course specially designed by the legendary Ruskin Bond. With these online writing classes, you will certainly excel in all aspects that a creative writer needs to excel at. Visit our website for more information on this unique class.

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