Abilene Rodeo Obituary: Bronc Rider Dies at Abilene Rodeo

Bronc Rider Skee Burkes died in a tragic accident. Skee Burkes died accidentally. The news of his death has been officially announced by his family. The news of his death is spreading all over the Internet. He passed away on Saturday night, September 9, 2023, and the news of his death was announced on the Internet on Sunday, September 10, 2023. The news of the Bronc driver’s death has caught the attention of many people. Now Internet users are very excited to know how the Bronc driver met with an accident. Read this entire article to learn everything about this tragic and unexpected case of death.

abilene rodeo

Abilene Rodeo Obituary

The news of the death of the Bronc pilot was officially given by Rochelle Johnson. She clearly stated that the Vice President and General Manager of the Expo Center, Skee Burkes, died in a tragic accident. According to the information provided by Rochelle, the rider died because he fell from the horse and died immediately after falling from the horse. At the time when he was riding a horse, there was no protection. The horse was a little wild and that’s why he accidentally fell off the horse. We pray for the rider’s family. The rider was a young man, not a much older person.

abilene rodeo obituary

Whenever Skee Burkes used to ride horses in competition at that time there was always an ambulance there, but that day the ambulance was not there. This accident occurred on Saturday, September 9, 2023. At the time of the accident I was in the composition. He was one of the participants in the bronc riding competition. The rider lost his life at the age of 26. He died at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo. He died Saturday night. The family and friends of the deceased are currently in a devastating situation.

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Abilene Rodeo dies

The death of Abilene Rodeo is the most shocking news right now. The equestrian community is currently in great turmoil. Many people are mourning the loss of such a great soul. He was a young man. Skee Burkes was just a 26 year old man. He lost his life unexpectedly. He was very passionate about horse riding. And his passion took his lie. When he fell off the horse the competition stopped there and did not continue. And now the competition is scheduled for September 16, 2023. May the cyclist’s soul rest in peace.

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