Learn How to Share YouTube Videos to Facebook in 2 Simple Methods

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YouTube is gaining more followers every day. And it is that the videos, in addition to being a much more attractive content, are very useful when it comes to improving the SEO positioning of a website and capturing the attention of users. The advantage is that we can use broadcast channels as influential as Facebook.

Videos are the most viewed posts on social media and are likely to be shared by users. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating a corporate video for your brand and want to know how to promote it, you need to know how to share YouTube videos on Facebook. Today we are introducing two different methods to share YouTube videos to Facebook.

Benefits of sharing YouTube videos on Facebook

Youtubers can put their social networks on the YouTube channel and enjoy a large number of benefits; It is even the main thing to grow a channel since it will have:

Better reach and interaction with the audience.

In addition to your followers on the YouTube channel, you will also use those on Facebook when directly sharing your videos. The recommended method is to create a Fanpage from 0 and increase your followers since a profile has a limit of 5,000 thousand friends.

share-youtube-videosYouTube Video Sharing

On the other hand, the Fanpage has no limits; on Facebook you will get different followers than those you have subscribed to on YouTube; therefore, the interaction with what your audience likes will reach more people.

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Promotion of your work

Promoting this work on social networks like Facebook is easier for YouTube channels that offer “Howto” type videos or tutorials, since it has groups related to the same topic. You can show your work or content in already established groups or pages.

gain popularity

One of the benefits that the YouTube creator gets when their videos are shared on Facebook is to gain popularity because if one of the Facebook followers likes the content, they visit your YouTube account. They are likely to subscribe to the channel.

In addition, this option will also help many people to recognize your work and thus be able to reach a more significant number of followers.

How to share YouTube videos on Facebook?

There are two ways to post a YouTube video to Facebook from your cell phone or PC; one is from the bottom of the video, click “Share” and select the “Facebook” application; it can be the normal or Lite version.

The other is to copy the URL or link of the YouTube video and paste it where you will create the Post. Facebook will recognize it and show a preview of it, you can add a comment if you want or click publish, and that’s it.

Of course, the operating system does not matter for Android or iPhone phones. To do this, you must follow the following procedure:

post url

Go to a YouTube channel and locate a video; you can also use the search engine; the important thing is to open the video; by doing so, you can copy its URL and then paste it on Facebook or a social network.

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Hit the share buttonHit the share button.

To copy the URL, press the share button and then where it says “copy”, this method is valid for any device.

copy the urlcopy the url

You can also grab the link at the top of the video, right in the navigation bar.

Paste the link on FacebookPaste the link on Facebook

Using the YouTube share button

At the bottom of each video we have several options, among them “Share” when you press, you will notice many applications of social networks and related platforms; you can choose the one you prefer; in this case, we are using Facebook.

Using the YouTube share buttonUsing the YouTube share button

Remember that Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, so sharing our content through this platform will go much further and thus our work will be recognized.

Also, among these options, you can select the copy tool to use the link of a program outside of those recommended by Facebook, be it a blog or a mobile application.

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