Adorable video shows mother bear teaching her cubs to take down trail cameras

No paparazzi!

A family of four black bears with a vendetta against technology has been knocking down trail cameras mounted in a Minnesota park.

The mother bear and her three cubs have wandered into a remote beaver pond in Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park with trail cameras on at least five separate occasions over the past year, investigators said.

“This mama bear has trained her 3 cubs to be camera weapons of mass destruction that will terrorize any camera found in the forest for years to come,” said the Voyageurs Wolf Project, a research team at the University of Minnesota that studies wolves. in a sentence.

Adorable images show the mother bear heading straight for the cameras with her babies in tow.

The quartet can be heard sniffing the foreign object, with only its thick fur and small bear ears visible on screen, before the footage begins to shake and cuts out.

The family returned to the crime scene later to remove the camera once again after noticing it had been replaced.

This time, they can be seen addressing the equipment directly, but with a better understanding of how to disassemble the camera.

The mother black bear taught her three cubs how to play with the trail cameras. Danisara/Facebook

“Now, you might be tempted to think, ‘They look so cute and sweet and innocent!’ But don’t be fooled. “These are highly trained deviants who prowl the forests looking for technology to destroy,” Project Voyageurs Wolf said.

The project has more than 200 trail cameras installed throughout the 350-square-mile park, located in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border.

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The footage aims to study the 16 wolf packs that inhabit Voyageurs National Park, but they often capture the wrath of the black bears that patrol the grasslands.

The family moves the camera.The family has messed with two cameras on at least two separate occasions. Danisara/Facebook

“Most of the time, they just hit the cameras a little bit and then move on,” Thomas Gable, Voyageurs Wolf project leader, told Insider.

“That being said, we have had many trail cameras that bears have completely destroyed by chewing through them.”

The family of four bears, however, seem to have a clear mission: to dismantle the cameras every time they see them in the wild.

“And one day these cubs will have cubs of their own and the desire to inflict chaos and carnage on camera will be passed on to the next generation. And so on and so on. And there will come a day when no camera will be safe in the forest,” said the Voyageurs Wolf Project.

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