Adrián Di Monte, an actor from Cuba to Mexican fame

The Cuban actor and director Adrián Di Monte has achieved a successful artistic career in Mexico, where he has participated in soap operas, series, films and television programs.

Adrián Di Monte was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1983. Since he was little, he showed interest in art and acting.

He studied at the National School of Art of Cuba and participated in several plays.

Arrival in Mexico

In 2009, Di Monte arrived in Mexico to seek opportunities in show business. At first, he had to work as a model and dancer to support himself.

Who is Adrián Di Monte's wife and how did their love story begin?  |  MDZ onlineAdrian Di Monte.

In 2012, Di Monte landed his first leading role in the soap opera “Que te perdone Dios.” In this production, he played a young priest who falls in love with a married woman.

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Other projects by Adrián Di Monte

Di Monte has participated in other successful soap operas such as “La tempestad” (2013), “La desalmada” (2021) and “My fortune is to love you” (2021). He has also participated in series such as “El Señor de los Cielos” (2014) and “Por amar sin ley” (2018).

Cuban actor Adrián Di Monte in the cast of the new remake of the soap opera “La madrastra”Adrian Di Monte.

In 2018, Di Monte debuted as a host on the television program “Reto 4elements”. In this program, participants test their physical and mental abilities in various tests.

Adrián Di Monte is a Cuban actor and director who has achieved a successful artistic career in Mexico. His talent and charisma have made him one of the most popular artists on Mexican television.

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