After ‘Quiet Quitting’ Becomes The Norm, ‘Loud Quitting’ Employees Are Ready To Take The Stage

Lately, there has been talk about people leaving jobs quietly, more famously known as the “quiet quitting” trend. However, now a new fad is becoming popular this summer called “loud quitting.” It’s kind of like quitting quietly, but with a sprinkle of pizzazz and drama.

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Know All About The Various Quitting Trends

After Quiet Quitting, Loud Quitting Goes ViralUnsplash

Doesn’t it feel like a distant memory when resigning from a job just meant submitting a formal letter? Nowadays, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic that brought with it some irreplaceable changes, various work-related mindsets are emerging within companies.

Interestingly, they all revolve around the theme of quitting, whether it’s swiftly changing jobs to escape boredom (aka “quick quitting”) or departing due to a misalignment between personal values and the job.

However, there are also alternative ways of quitting that are not as extreme. These approaches involve mentally disengaging from your job without physically departing.

One example is “quiet quitting” or “acting your wage,” where you step back from your responsibilities and do the bare minimum required while still holding onto your job.

What Is Loud Quitting?

After Quiet Quitting, Loud Quitting Goes ViralUnsplash

After quietly quitting all the limelight, lately a new trend has been making waves among employees. The new fad goes by the name “loud quitting.” In such a scenario, the concept is to raise a ruckus and shout from the rooftops—to anyone within earshot—all the things you can’t stand about your job.

Whether it’s the toxic boss, the bare minimum pay, or the office microwave that always smells like last week’s leftover food, no detail is too small to broadcast. The hashtag on TikTok that’s all about this trend shows how much people are getting into the practise of loud quitting. It has almost 10 million views, and the number is still going up.

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