Google Bard Vs ChatGPT: 8 New Google Bard Features That Make It Stand Out

Google competes with its new Google Bard. It is said to be even more advanced than GPT Chat itself. What features is missing from Chat GPT that Bard has? You will get complete details about Google Bard in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Google Bard vs GPT Chat

Google Bard is said to have much more advanced features than Chat GPT. Will Google’s Bard disrupt the market? The best part of Google Bard is that it is free to use in more than 180 countries. It has the ability to generate human-like text.

Google Bard vs GPT Chat

It can not only process the data entered into it, but also search in real time. It has several more features that are enough to give the user a great experience. It is a conversational board. You have provided a lot of data. It has the ability to generate human-like text. You can answer different questions and answers.

Google Bard vs GPT Chat

People are excited to try it for free. This was all about Google Bard. What will happen next? Will there be another chatbot coming soon?

Let’s take a look at the 8 new Google Bard features below.

  1. Real-time search: It has an advanced future where the chatbot will search the internet in real time. It will help you provide you with the most relevant information.
  2. Accept voice input: It has a function for voice search. It will help to search long questions at a faster speed.
  3. Convert text to different formats: If you want to share the result as a document, you can easily convert it to PDF, Word, HTML, and more.
  4. Web Page Summaries: You can take a web page summary by simply pasting the URL of the web page. It will turn the web page article into a short summary.
  5. Draft Comparison: You can create different drafts of the responses and compare them later.
  6. Code Explanation: Developers can paste a code and Google Bard will easily explain it. You can consult any doubt related to it.
  7. Google Suggestion: If you’ve searched for a topic, you’ll get suggestions to help you get additional information. You can click and continue reading.
  8. Planning Tips: Google Bard can provide you with a detailed planned trip for your convenience. Just type in the place you want to go and the budget you want to use. Stay tuned for more information.
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