AHIBA teaches you how to protect your money in the digital world

Cybersecurity becomes essential in a digitalized world; Discover how to keep your finances safe.

Nowadays, technology has taken on a fundamental role in our daily lives, especially in the financial sector, as online services, electronic transactions and mobile payments become more popular. Although technological advances provide convenience and efficiency, they are also a cyber risk factor that spreads more easily, quickly and frequently.

In an increasingly digitalized world, the Honduran Association of Banking Institutions AHIBA leads an awareness campaign called “Cybersecurity: Together we can stop them. Together we can defeat them” to protect banking users from cyber threats, strengthen online financial security . and publicize the measures you can take to protect your digital assets.

Digital banking has gained great relevance in Honduras. This trend has brought convenience to users, but it has also opened the door to cybercriminals seeking to take advantage of people’s trust in digital channels.

One of the key objectives of this campaign is to provide users with practical tips to keep their money safe in the digital environment.

Héctor Ortiz, expert in banking technology, gives us details of cybersecurity

AHIBA experts emphasize the importance of keeping login information secure, not sharing passwords, and being alert for any suspicious communications, whether via email, text messages, or phone calls. Additionally, they encourage users to verify sources before providing personal or financial information.

Banks also have a fundamental role in this initiative. They must work to build strong digital trust among their customers. The reliability and security of banks’ online platforms are essential to promote safe banking.

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Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and being informed is the first step to protecting your finances online.

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