Aimee Cardoso Accident: What Happened to the Art Tooth Co-Founder?

Aimee Cardoso and her husband Lucas, beloved members of the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art community, tragically lost their lives on Friday, August 25, 2023 in a devastating car accident on Interstate 35. Our hearts and thoughts go out to their parents. . families and everyone close to them.

Aimee Cardoso accident linked to death

Aimee Cardoso held a special place not only as a co-founder of Art Tooth but also as a prominent figure within Fort Worth’s thriving art scene. Her impressive behind-the-scenes work brought life to numerous city exhibitions. Beyond her administrative duties, Aimee was a gifted artist in her own right, radiating kindness and unwavering dedication to all of her pursuits. Her mere presence had the ability to illuminate any space, leaving an indelible mark with her generosity, warmth and remarkable talent. A deep connection to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art characterized Aimee’s legacy, as she was dedicated to the institution for many years.

Aimee Cardoso

Starting out as a gallery assistant and information desk staff member, she gradually took on more responsibilities to become a tour manager and teacher. She also contributed as part of the installation team for the exhibition. Her colleagues were captivated by her infectious smile, her boundless enthusiasm and her sincere empathy that she effortlessly shared with everyone around her.

Aimee Cardoso and her husband, Lucas, tragically lost their lives Friday in a car accident that occurred on Interstate 35. At this time, the specific cause of the accident has not been confirmed. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. The Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art expressed its condolences in a heartfelt statement shared on its Facebook page:

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“The staff and faculty at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art are deeply saddened by the passing of Aimee Cardoso and her husband Lucas. Aimee was an integral and beloved part of the Modern community for many years, contributing her talents as a tour manager and educator. Her career began as a gallery assistant and information desk and expanded to include her role on our exhibition installation team. Aimee was not only a trusted colleague but also a dear friend to many. Her beaming smile, her boundless enthusiasm and her genuine kindness will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with her families and friends during this incredibly difficult time.” – Shared by the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art

Mariana Persia leads an initiative to raise funds for Celia Cardoso and has provided some important details about the situation. Mariana Persia expressed: “Greetings, our Brazilian community lives a deep sadness for the loss of two young people from two wonderful families and a daughter-in-law. One family has already started a GoFundMe campaign and now our community is coming together once again to seek your support for Celia Cardoso. Celinha is a dear friend and a truly kind person. She actively contributes to our community through her business. A tragic event occurred on Friday, August 25: a terrible accident took place within her family.

Lucas and Aimee, who were married, tragically lost their lives in a car accident. Lucas was Celinha’s eldest son. “In this difficult time, our goal is to help the families of Lucas and Aimee overcome the profound impact of this heartbreaking situation, both emotionally and financially. We have set up this GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the family, with the intention of helping cover expenses associated with the funeral. Every donation received will directly support the Lucas family.”

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