Air Force warns of Chinese military’s effort to recruit US troops and veterans to ‘exploit’ them

China is trying to lure American airmen to boost Beijing’s own military with job offers “too good to be true,” a top Air Force officer warned Friday.

The People’s Liberation Army’s effort to target and recruit American military talent, including veterans, is part of a stealthy ploy by the Chinese government to “fill gaps in its military capabilities” and represents a growing threat to national security, Gen. Charles Q .Brown. Jr., warned in a memo.

China “wants to exploit your knowledge and skills,” Brown warned in his letter, explaining that “military talent trained by the United States and NATO in all specialties and professional fields” runs the risk of being targeted by foreign companies that do business with the chinese army.

“By essentially training the trainer, many of those who accept contracts with these foreign companies are eroding our national security, putting the very security of their fellow military members and the country at risk, and may be breaking the law,” added President Brown. Biden. candidate to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Just as I ask for your help, I also asked for help from our allied air chiefs to address the same issue within their ranks,” Brown continued. “Protecting our national defense information is the responsibility of every service member and veteran.”

General Brown warned that China seeks to “exploit” the knowledge of American airmen.REUTERS
chinese military aircraftChina is recruiting American military personnel and veterans in an effort to “fill gaps” in its own military, according to the Air Force.REUTERS

In a separate statement, the Air Force said it has taken steps to counter the national security threat, including blacklisting companies and organizations associated with the PLA from subcontracting with the department.

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In June, the Department of Commerce placed the South African Test Flight Academy on an export control list due to its work facilitating training and technical support for the PLA using a former U.S. military member.

Signs of PLA recruiting efforts may include contracts that seem “too good to be true” or are short on details about the client, an unnamed supervisory special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations said in a statement. , describing the Chinese effort as “insidious.”

American military aircraftThe job offers come from companies with ties to the Chinese military, the Air Force

Jobs are sometimes advertised on professional networking sites and job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

At other times, depending on the agent, recruiting emails are sent to people with the most in-demand skills.

Brown’s memo asks service members to report any suspicious recruiting efforts they may have encountered.

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