American Airlines plane carrying 53 passengers skids off ‘snowy’ New York runway after landing an hour late

An American Airlines plane skidded off the runway and onto the grass shortly after landing in snowy weather Thursday at Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport in New York.

The Embraer E145, carrying 53 passengers, had just landed and was being transported to the terminal around 4 p.m. when it slid, FAA and American Airlines officials said.

The terrifying incident was caused by “snowy airfield conditions” caused by light snow storms in the area, a US spokesperson said.

A video shared on social media showed emergency services teams responding to the plane, with several firefighters escorting passengers to the snow-covered field.

Fortunately, none of the 50 passengers and three crew members were injured.

“Safety is our top priority and we apologize to our customers for their experience. “Everyone on board disembarked safely and was transported to the terminal by bus,” the US spokesperson said.

The plane had just made the 300-mile trip from Philadelphia International Airport, though it landed nearly an hour late, Flightaware data shows.

Firefighters escort passengers off the plane.The plane was heading toward the terminal when it skidded off the runway. ML/X Trick

A view of the plane in the field.No injuries were reported among the 50 passengers and three crew members. ML/X Trick

It was snowing lightly in Rochester at the time of the slip.

Another round of heavy snow is expected in the area, with a heavy fall of 2 to 4 inches per hour forecast in nearby Buffalo over the weekend.

The aircraft was towed off the taxiway and taken out of service for a complete inspection.

The FAA is investigating the incident.

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