American nanny earns ₹1.6 lakh per day babysitting children of billionaires and traveling on private jets

Meet Gloria Richards, a 34-year-old nanny who shares her captivating journey as she cares for the children of billionaires, indulges in luxurious travel and earns up to $2,000 (Rs 1.6 lakh) per day.

Gloria talks about her role as a nanny to the children of billionaires, bringing luxury trips and earning up to $2,000 (Rs 1.6 lakh) per day.

US-based Richards spends half her year caring for the children of billionaires alongside her off-Broadway acting work, making it her main source of income.

Earning up to $2,000 a day for 12 to 15 hours of work, Richards also enjoys travel and lodging benefits. She once had a spontaneous introduction of a boy that she had to accompany on a private plane trip to Barbados.

As a nanny, your responsibilities include accompanying the children on international trips, managing their social schedules, and sometimes stepping in as a surrogate mother.

“I’ve had full interviews where [parents] They’re like, ‘We’re looking for someone to raise our kids,'” she told CNBC.

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“They told me they had children to spend their trust funds on, [and that] ‘I’ll hang out with them after boarding school when they can drink.'”

On one occasion, the parents even enrolled their son with the last name of Gloria Richards in an Italian boarding school.

While she enjoys extravagant experiences like traveling on yachts and private jets and driving luxury cars like Porsches and Teslas, being a black woman caring for white children in the world of the ultra-rich presents its challenges.

Richards has seen her wealthy clients drop $3,200 steaks after just one bite and make impulse purchases of entire houses.

However, despite his immense wealth, some try to evade paying his due salary.

“I’ll be in Switzerland and they tell me they can’t pay me for three weeks because they don’t have cash.” Richards says.

“This is also how they communicate when they don’t like something you did. They’ll stop paying you.”

Facing unexpected challenges from her clients, the 34-year-old nanny has learned the importance of having the support of The Madison Agency.

With his help, she ensures the timely payment of her winnings.


“Sometimes I’m a shoulder to cry on. A second later, they’ll turn on me.” she says. Richards claimed that she too has faced racism at work.

“I’m a black woman, and I often work for white families, and when the kids are six or seven, they have particular thoughts about people who look like me.” she said.

Despite the challenges, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for Richards, who maintains control over her work by setting clear boundaries around her availability and workload.

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