An Oklahoma school receives bomb threats because a librarian pushes an ‘awake agenda’

A Tulsa elementary school was bombarded with bomb threats after the popular TikTok account Libs reposted a librarian’s video on pushing an “awake agenda.”

Ellen Ochoa Elementary School Librarian Kirby Mackenzie posted a video on TikTok last week with a graphic that read: “POV: Teachers in your state are dropping like flies, but you’re not done pushing your agenda just yet. waking up in public school.

The video was quickly picked up by Libs from TikTok and republished on Twitter with the caption: “This is an elementary school librarian in Oklahoma… She pushes an ‘awake agenda’ with an ’emphasis on social justice.'”

Chaya Raichik, owner of Libs of TikTok, reposted the video without Mackenzie’s original caption, which read: “My radical liberal agenda is to teach children to love books and be kind.”

The reposted video garnered 2.6 million views, while Mackenzie’s original didn’t even hit the coveted million mark.

However, shortly after Raichik reposted the video, Ellen Ochoa Elementary School began receiving bomb threats.

Ellen Ochoa Elementary’s librarian, Kirby Mackenzie, posted a video on TikTok last week stating that she “wasn’t done lobbying.” [her] awakened agenda in public school”. TikTok/@kirbymacks

Kirby Mackenzie on his TikTok. Mackenzie’s caption read: “My radical liberal agenda is to teach children to love books and be kind.” TikTok/@kirbymacks

An email, seen by KFOR, from a sender named “Made John” read: “The innocence of children is sacred, that is a fact that has been known throughout human history and the end of civilizations like the of ancient Rome. often marked by the normalization of pedophilia and child abuse.

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“I am not going to stand by while you bitches continue to indoctrinate and take advantage of our children. That’s why we put a bomb in the school. You will evacuate the building so no one dies.”

“Made John” also reportedly threatened to blow up Mackenzie’s house.

Depictions of the bomb threat emails. The video was soon picked up by TikTok’s Libs, leading to bomb threats at the school after the popular account misinterpreted Mackenzie’s message.

The school delayed the start of classes to bring in bomb-sniffing dogs to survey the school grounds, Tulsa Police Department Capt. Richard Muelenberg IV told KFOR.

“We closed it. We will do everything we can to make sure that area is safe because the most important thing is these children. You have to protect your children. Most of the time, you know, it’s just a person looking for attention. They want to alter a system, ”he told the local outlet.

The next day, the school received another threat from a sender named “Yesyy”, according to KFOR.

“We planted a bomb at Ellen Ochoa Elementary. You will stop pushing this awakening ideology or we will bomb every school in the union district,” the email read.

“Yesyy” also threatened Mackenzie’s house.

The school sheltered in place for a short time while police investigated.

“Now it has become a bit of a howling wolf situation,” Muelenberg told KFOR. “The bottom line is that this is not allowed. It is not something acceptable in society. You know, you’re basically threatening the lives of innocent children who have nothing to do with your problem. That’s not going to be right and we’re going to prosecute and find this person and put them in jail.

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He continued: “We’re going to find this person and we’re going to go wherever, whatever little store you’re in right now, you know, sending your emails. Let’s go find you. We’re going to arrest you.”

The Tulsa Police Department is investigating the matter and is looking for an online fingerprint of the emails.

Elena Ochoa Elementary SchoolThe Tulsa Police Department is investigating the matter and is looking for an online fingerprint of the emails. KFOR

Union Public Schools director of communications Chris Payne said Mackenzie’s original message had been misconstrued and that she had “no evil agenda”.

“There is none of that. Just very misconstrued,” she said. ‘She is one of our long-time librarians, she is highly respected and has done a very good job at Union. We’re after Kirby. She is an excellent employee.”

The librarian was at school this week.

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