Anupama Written Episode Update 21st September 2023

We are here with the latest details about Anupama, the most popular television show. Anupama provided a written update for this article on September 21, 2023. The latest episode started with all the men dancing and doing dance moves according to the rules of the game. Anupama expresses gratitude to God and Kanha Ji for revealing the main secret and informing her that Anuj is Gurumaa’s son. She claims that the truth was right in front of me but I was blind to it. She recalled that the director informed her that her spouse Anuj is Malti Devi’s son. Anupama asks if you are telling the truth or are you being misunderstood in a Facebook post that is presented.

Anupama Written Episode Update

The director reveals that when Anuj turned eight, Malti Devi, who had given birth to him, never visited him. She claims that since she raised him for eight years, she can positively identify him. Anupama asks him about the evidence, which includes Malti Devi’s donation receipts and Anuj’s actual birth certificate. Malti Devi used to send donations, but she never asked about her son, she says, according to Anupama. Anupama remembers incidents where Anuj saved her feet after they met for the first time. He remembers what happened before the circus and Anupama’s efforts to reunite Anuj with his mother. Anupama feels upset and wants to tell this information to Anuj.


Anupama informs Anuj that it is her duty to reunite him with his mother and she will do it today on his birthday. Despite not knowing what happened, Anuj forgives Malti Devi for her previous actions. Anuj replies that he doesn’t like her because of her previous behavior when Vanraj asks him what happened. Anuj agrees when Anupama asks him to refrain from reflecting on this on his birthday. Anupama reveals that a son will receive her mother and a mother will receive her son when she arrives at the celebration with the biggest surprise of her life. In the song, Anuj dances with the Shahs and her family, and Anupama invites her to the celebration.

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Malti Devi is seen embroidering an initial on a garment while Romil pauses the music. Anupama reveals that when she came, everyone was dancing, so she went inside to look for Gurumaa. Anupama replies that without her mother’s approval, her son’s birthday celebration cannot be successful when Anuj asks why Anuj brought her. Anupama and the others stare at each other in disbelief. Romil apologizes for accidentally popping the celebration poppers. Anupama replies that they found out about this from Kanha ji’s Leela when Anuj asks if she is her mother. Anupama shows Gurumaa’s son’s photo, stating that it is Anuj’s. When Malti Devi sees her childhood photo, she smiles and gets emotional.

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