Apple Introduces New Feature in iOS 17 Weather App

Apple has made several tweaks to its standard apps, including the Weather app, in iOS 17. With the update, there are some minor tweaks to the app’s functionality and aesthetics.

The most significant change is the ability to see yesterday’s weather in the 10-day forecast. In iOS 16, you can only see the current day and the next 10 days, but in iOS 17, you can also see the weather for the previous day.

ios 17 yesterday weather

Instead of a forecast, a 10-day forecast provides a “daily summary” of the weather and the chance of rain for each day.

The main weather interface has been updated with a large “My Location” text for the weather forecast for your current location, with the city below. In iOS 16, it only said the city, which could be confusing if you had saved towns in more than one place.

Several weather modules have been reorganized, with hourly and rain forecasts now displayed first. News and alerts are now displayed further down the app, and a new “Averages” weather module shows how the current temperature deviates from the daily average.

ios 17 weather averages

Apple has added a lunar module that shows the current phase of the moon, the time until the next full moon, moonset and moonrise times, and a lunar calendar, as well as a wind speed module that shows information about the moon. burst speed at a glance in a larger format. In addition, the wind module features a daily comparison and a wind scale.

ios 17 moon position

There are daily comparisons for UV Index, Humidity, Feels Like Index, and Visibility, and you can change units for wind speed, precipitation, pressure, and distance.

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Despite complaints about the inaccuracy of the Weather app following the addition of the Dark Sky app, Apple does not appear to have tampered with the data used by the app.

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