Apple launches Shop with a Specialist feature via video

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Apple’s new “Shop with a Specialist by Video” feature gives customers in the US a new way to shop live.

In a blog post published Tuesday, the tech giant explained how its new “Shop with an Expert via Video” feature allows users to have a “secure, one-way video shopping session” with a member of the retail team to purchase iPhones. .

With this new feature, people can check out the latest models, see their new features, and learn about Apple Trade-In deals, carrier deals, moving to iOS, and different ways to pay for their purchases.

Apple’s Director of Retail Online Karen Rasmussen said: “We’re always coming up with new ways to give our customers an even more personalized experience, meeting them where they are to bring them the best of Apple.”

“With Shop with a Specialist over Video,” Rasmussen continued, “our team members are excited to engage with consumers and provide exceptional support as they learn which iPhone is right for them.”

Customers can immediately speak with an Apple specialist to choose the best iPhone model at

During the session, an Apple employee will share their screen on the camera, but they won’t be able to see the customer.

“Customers can speak to a specialist by phone or chat 24 hours a day if they can’t find a session or access the page outside of business hours,” the company said.

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