Apple will launch affordable MacBooks to compete with Chromebooks

According to DigiTimes sources in the industry, Apple is preparing to introduce a new product line intended to differentiate itself from the existing MacBook Air and Pro lines.

While the external appearance will still feature a metal casing, there is a twist as the casing will be made up of “different materials.” Additionally, the report suggests that the cost of mechanical components will be lower for this new offering.

As for the timing of the possible launch of this alleged MacBook series, it seems to be deduced from the lack of related activities observed at major Apple suppliers such as Quanta Computer and Foxconn. Consequently, the likelihood of a launch in the first half of next year seems less plausible.

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The article also addresses the impressive growth of Chromebooks, with DigiTimes Research noting that more than 13.9 million units shipped in 2019, a number that rose to more than 30.4 million in 2020 and further climbed to 33.5. million in 2021. This growth underlines the popularity. of Google’s affordable laptops, particularly in the education sector, where they gained traction, especially during the global pandemic and its associated disruptions.

While Chromebook shipments have reportedly seen a slowdown after the lockdowns, the overall volume of shipments is still above pre-COVID levels. In particular, the adoption of Chromebooks by educational institutions has seen a significant expansion in recent years. This growth trend is in stark contrast to Apple’s iPads, which have struggled to gain the same traction in the education market.

Interestingly, reports are emerging about Apple’s possible effort to develop a new MacBook series that would be positioned at a lower price point than its more premium MacBook offerings. However, it is important to exercise caution and maintain a level of skepticism until additional sources corroborate this information.

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This marks the first case of speculation surrounding the development of a new MacBook line by Apple and, as such, it is prudent to wait for further confirmation from other reliable sources before drawing definitive conclusions.

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