Are they Chinese cars? Sales of this type of car are reported in Honduras

On platforms such as Facebook and TikTok, it has been reported that the famous Chinese electronic cars that cost 27 thousand lempiras are present in Honduras, but are they really that style of vehicle?

In the last few hours, Honduran users have announced the sale of Bajaj Qute brand cars, which have a style like the famous cars. Chang Li S1-Profrom China

According to the publications, the car is worth around 75 to 80 thousand lempiras.

Car for sale. Photo: Market.

However, these cars do not correspond to the brand. Chang Li S1-Prowhich are the most compact Chinese cars on a commercial level, created by the automotive manufacturer Changzhou Xili Automobile IndustryConsidered one of the cheapest cars in the world.

he Bajaj It is also compact, but this one comes from India and has one main difference, it runs on gasoline.

Bajaj cars for sale.

The Qute’s engine is a 236cc fuel-injected engine, with which it reaches 13.28 hp and 19.6 pound-feet of torque, so its maximum speed is limited to 70 km/h. That engine is mated to a standard five-speed transmission.

This small car can fit up to four people (driver + three passengers). Its dimensions are 2,752 mm long, 1,312 wide and 1,652 high, while its weight is 394 kg.

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