Asa Ellerup, wife of alleged murderer Rex Heuermann, has filed for divorce

Finally, Asa Ellurup has officially filed for divorce from her husband Rex Heruermann, known as the Gilgo Beach serial killer. Her wife Asa filed for divorce after her arrest in the murder case. Her family lives backwards as authorities confiscate evidence from her home. Rex has faced some charges for the murder of three women. This is a very serious case. This case is in the highlights right now. People are very interested in knowing everything about this case. Rex is the greatest serial killer of today. Now scroll down to the next stanza of this article.

Asa Ellerup, the alleged murderer Rex Heuermann, has divorced

Rex Heuermann is a serial killer from Gilgo Beach. He has been charged in the multiple murder case. He is the biggest criminal of this time. These cases have deeply affected his family. This caused them immense sorrow. Now after the truth about Rex has come out in front of everyone. rex is a 59-year-old man. By profession, he is an architect. He is currently in police custody. he is on the suffolk county police accused of killing 3 women. He now looks at the next paragraph of this article to find out more.

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Police officers arrested Rex near his office, located in Manhattan. And then his family found out about his/her arrest. They later found out about the charges and now his wife Asa Ellerup has officially filed for divorce. She said that she never knew that he is a murderer. Police later continued their investigation and seized some evidence at his family’s home in Massapequa Parl. The police officers also seized his passport, phones, notebooks and his computer.

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Murder suspect in Gilgo Beach

Rex has faced first and second degree murder charges in connection with the deaths of three women, Megan Waterman, Amber Costello and Melissa Barthelemy. Their bodies were discovered under camouflaged burlap at Gligo Beach in 2010.

Rex Heuermann has also been charged in the case of a fourth victim whose name is Maureen Brainard-Barnes. This victim is alive and has given a statement, some evidence from phone records, and a DNA sample that fully affirm that Rex is a criminal. She is due back in court on August 1, 2023. Asa Ellerup and her children are deeply affected by Rex’s arrest. More information about this case will be revealed very soon, until then he stay tuned to pkb news for more updates.

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