Titanic Submersible 60 Minutes: Drop a Bombshell on Tragedy in Devastating Interview

Last month, every news channel, agency, organization and social media was also taken over by the ill-fated Titan tourist submersible which imploded underwater killing five people. Since then, many stories and speculations have been made about the implosion of the Submersible Titan. Recently, an investigation titled “60 Minutes Australia” about the Titan submersible revealed some shocking details about it and caused a stir once again. People were left in torment after hearing the shocking claims from 60 Minutes Australia. Have you heard about this research on the Titan submersible? If not, then this article will help and inform you about it. Kindly drag down the page and have a look below for more information.

Titanic Submersible 60 Minutes Interview

On the Titan submersible, five people were on board, including four tourists who paid to see the historic remains of the legendary Titanic. The Titan submersible was being operated by the founder and CEO of Occeangate named Stockon Rush, who also died in the implosion. Carl Stanley told 60 Minutes Australia: “I think Stockton Rush was designing a mousetrap for billionaires.” This statement by Stanley caused a stir and also left people shocked. Carl Stanley is a tour submarine operator and a friend of Stockton Rush. In 2019, Carl Stanley was among the people who underwent one of the Titan submersible’s test drives. He continues reading this article and knows more details.

Carl Stanley’s statement was enough to make him wince. He said: “I would say that every three or four minutes there are [were] loud gunshot-like noises. It’s a great sound to hear when you’re so far under the ocean. AND [in] a ship that has only been this deep once before. According to Stanley, loud noise should be a concern, but when he raised the alarm, he and Rush were engaged in a heated argument. Move to down.

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He wrote to Rush about the problem that would only get worse, raised his concerns about the carbon fiber hull. According to Stanley, Rush did not have enough experience operating submersibles. While speaking to 60 Minutes, Stanley said: “I literally painted a picture of his wrecked submarine on the bottom. [of the ocean] and even that was not enough”, however, Carl Stanley is not the only one who expressed concern about Rush’s venture, Rob McCallum also said that he sensed something unusual in his field. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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