Australian woman claims she accidentally married her father-in-law in absurd wedding mistake

Weddings can never be chaotic. With thousands of dollars spent on food and decorations for hundreds of guests, weddings always end up being more interesting than they need to be.

Amid the glitz and glamor of a wedding, it’s impossible to go through every ceremony and ritual without stumbling into some drama and chaos.

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Australian woman accidentally marries her father-in-law

Woman accidentally marries her father-in-law Unsplash

Whether it’s a rowdy relative or an outfit faux pas, wedding mistakes are inevitable. However, it is not commonplace to find out that you have accidentally married your father-in-law. Yes, you heard right!

A woman in Australia claims to have had one of the biggest setbacks at her wedding when things went wrong and she ended up married to her boyfriend’s father, at least on paper.

The revelation came to light on a recent episode of the Australian breakfast radio show ‘Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Richie’ as the presenters were receiving calls from people who had botched the only job they’d been given.

The father-in-law stepped forward as a witness, ended up becoming the second husband

The trophy for the most absurd story went to a woman who shared how she accidentally ended up marrying her father-in-law on their wedding day. Kim explained her horrible but hysterical faux pas at the wedding. She recalled: “So I got married and we needed two witnesses, which were my mother and my father-in-law.”

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So far everything is set up and ready to roll; no errors yet. However, during the trial, Kim recounted how her mother-in-law insisted that her husband also come as a witness.

The family only realized the mistake after everything was signed off and finalized. She revealed, “So we found the certificate and then when we look at it, I am now married to my husband and father-in-law.”

After taking a look at the marriage certificate, the family discovered that the father-in-law had absently signed along the same lines as the groom, making him Kim’s other partner on paper.

The show’s hosts gasped when they heard the caller’s bizarre story as one clarified, “So legally on paper you’re married to your father-in-law?” Then Kim waited, “Well, on the certificate. Thank God! I hope they didn’t sign the legal papers; that would be horrible.”

Though the blunder was officially the unfortunate highlight of Kim’s wedding story, she insisted on clarifying that she wasn’t “legally” married to her father-in-law.

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