Bacong Accident Today: Family of 3 killed in Negros town road accident

There has been news going viral over the internet regarding the accident that happened on the Negros Town road. When the public gets to know about this they all started to go over the internet to know more about this accident. Not only that they also like to know if there have been any victims, So, for our readers, we have brought the information about this accident in this article. Not only that we are also going to give the details about the ongoing news regarding this matter. So stay tuned and continue with the article to know more.

Bacong Accident Today

Recently the news about the accident is going viral over the internet. On Saturday morning at Barangay North Poblacion, Bacong town in Negros Oriental, a car accident along the national highway claimed the lives of a family of three and another person, while injuring one other. The victims were named Meliton Blanco, 59, the couple Ruel and Analie Pascual, 47 and 43, respectively, and their 15-year-old daughter Shelly, according to a report from the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office (NOPPO). Wilson Kial, 43, was named as the injured. According to Lt Stephen Polinar, deputy chief of the NOPPO Police Community Affairs and Development Unit, a tanker truck got out of control and had one of its tires blow out causing a traffic jam.

The truck’s driver lost control of the vehicle and veered into the other lane, colliding with the victims. The Pascual family was riding a motorbike, Blanco was operating a vehicle known as a “chariot,” and Kial was operating another motorbike when the collision occurred, according to Polinar. The victims were coming from the north while the oil tanker, which was registered under the name New Bian Yek Commercial, Inc., was moving south. The driver was just slightly hurt, and the Bacong police have him in custody as they prepare charges against him.

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The Pascual family and Blanco suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident, and they were transported to the closest hospital for medical attention. According to witnesses, the oil tanker’s driver looked to be operating the vehicle carelessly and at a fast pace, which raised questions about possible negligence or intoxication. To identify the accident’s cause and hold the offender accountable, the local authorities have opened an investigation. The Pascual family and Blanco are currently undergoing medical treatment, and the hospital staff is attentively observing their health. To ascertain the precise reason for the disaster and to ensure that the victims receive justice, the authorities are undertaking a thorough investigation.

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