Baldur’s Gate 3: Ho To Unlock The Ancient Tome? Step-by-step guide

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Unlock The Ancient Tome

Here’s how you can unlock the Ancient Tome in Baldur’s Gate 3. Currently, there are many secrets to be revealed in Baldur’s Gate 3 even in the game’s opening act. One instance is the Ancient Tome called Necromancy of Thay that you can discover in a Necromancer’s lair hidden in a cellar in the Blighted Village. On exploration of the basement leads, we can uncover more than a few secrets. However, through this guided article, you must go over how to claim the dark tome and its forbidden knowledge for yourself. Here’s how you can get and use lightning charges. Foremost, to find the Ancient Tome, you need to find the secret passage. Notably, you can see that will give you the Search the Cellar quest or you can just stumble across it during your exploration of the village. Nonetheless, once you find your own way, still there are some mysteries between you and your prize.

You will notice it to be unlocked, once you have found the time but you need something other than a key to get it open. Coincidentally, the book has a slot on the front sealing it rather than a keyhole, and also in the Blighted Village. However, there is a Dark Amethyst which is hidden in an area below the town that is the key to the long-gone knowledge. The time when you reach down there, you will need to fight off some spiders. One thing you must keep in mind is that you can use fire to burn the webs and cause them to fall. Later, touching the webs will alert them of your presence. You will be able to see the Dark Amethyst once you find the Queen Matriarch. As a piece of free advice, try to kill the eggs around the arena before she makes them hatch as each spawns a spiderling that could also migrate.

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Afterward, when you defeat her and grab the gem, you can now open the book and read inside. The use of the book will allow you to learn the Speak With Dead spell, which allows you to converse and then you shall find or create and probe them for more information by assuming their way of talking. Moreover, it will offer you the Forbidden Knowledge trait which gives you a plus bonus point to Wisdom Saves.

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