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Barbie Bassett – Wiki, Biography, Age, Meteorologist, TV, Career & Other Details – Barbie Bassett is a renowned meteorologist and traffic reporter based in Jackson, Mississippi. With over two decades of experience in the field, Bassett has established itself as a trusted source of weather and traffic updates for WLBT-TV viewers.

Barbie Bassett Early Years and Education:

Barbie Bassett was born and raised in Mississippi, but her exact place and date of birth are not publicly known. She developed a passion for meteorology at an early age and pursued her passion by earning a BS in Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Bassett began her career in broadcast journalism as a radio personality and news anchor. She later joined WLBT-TV as a meteorologist and traffic reporter, where she has become a respected member of the news team.

Barbie Bassett Career Overview:

Bassett is a respected leader and mentor in meteorology. Her career in broadcast journalism began in 1999 as a meteorologist and traffic reporter for WLBT-TV. She is known for her attractive on-air presence and her accurate weather forecasts. She is a staple on WLBT’s morning news show and co-hosts “Today at 11”.

Bassett has gained valuable information on weather patterns and climate change through his travels to countries such as Japan, China, and Australia. He has embraced technological advances in his field, using state-of-the-art tools and software for weather reporting. She has also been involved in developing and testing new technologies such as weather tracking software and mobile apps.

Bassett’s dedication to education extends beyond her work at WLBT-TV. She teaches communication courses as an adjunct professor at Mississippi College, where her experience in broadcast journalism and knowledge of her field make her an invaluable resource for her students.

Barbie Bassett’s husband and family:

Barbie Bassett is a successful meteorologist and newscaster who has been able to balance her demanding career with her family life as a mother of two. She has spoken publicly about the challenges of being a working mother in the media industry and has emphasized the importance of communication and teamwork in maintaining a strong family unit.

In her free time, Bassett enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping, as well as reading and exploring different literary genres. He is also passionate about cooking and often shares her favorite recipes with her followers on social media.

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Bassett is known for her active involvement in her community, where she volunteers her time and expertise to various charities. Although she keeps her private life private, she is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where she interacts with her followers and shares valuable information. While her net worth is not publicly available, she has had a successful career as a respected member of the WLBT-TV news team.

Barbie Awards and Accolades:

Bassett’s talent and contributions to the field of meteorology have been recognized by various organizations. He has received several awards, including the Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters Association’s “Best Meteorologist” award and the Mississippi Broadcasters Association’s “Weather Anchor of the Year” award.

Barbie Bassett is a meteorologist with a passion for encouraging more women to pursue careers in STEM fields. She frequently speaks at schools and events to share her experience and knowledge with girls and women interested in pursuing careers in meteorology.

Bassett is also involved in various community organizations and has volunteered her time and experience with organizations such as the American Heart Association, Mississippi Blood Services, and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

As a meteorologist, Bassett has a deep understanding of the impact that climate change and environmental degradation can have on our planet. She is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability and has worked with organizations like the Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Federation to raise awareness about these issues. Bassett also works as an adjunct professor at Mississippi College.

barbie bassett

Barbie Charitable Work:

Bassett is involved in various charities and is particularly passionate about organizations that support children’s health and education. She has worked with organizations like Children’s Hospital of Mississippi and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, using her platform to raise awareness and funds for important causes.

Barbie Philosophy and Personal Inspirations:

Barbie Bassett is known for her positive outlook on life, embracing a growth mindset and believing in the power of hard work and determination. She has cited her parents as a major source of inspiration, crediting them for instilling in her a strong work ethic and a commitment to community service. As a deeply thoughtful and philosophical person, she often shares her personal inspirations and beliefs with her followers, encouraging them to focus on the good things in life.

Barbie clothing brand:

Cloud 9 Clothiers is a women’s clothing boutique owned by Barbie Bassett, located in Flowood, Mississippi. The store offers a wide range of clothing items, including dresses, tops, pants, jackets, and sweaters, along with jewelry and accessories. The boutique provides a personalized shopping experience for customers, with friendly staff ready to help find the perfect outfit.

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The store has an online presence, allowing customers to shop for clothing and accessories from the comfort of their homes. Barbie Bassett promotes her clothing line on her social media pages, including Instagram (@cloud9clothiers) and Facebook, where she posts photos of the latest arrivals and styling tips. The official Instagram page has more than 3,000 followers.

In addition to her clothing boutique, Barbie Bassett is also the owner of Good News Candle Company, an online candle shop that specializes in handmade, all-natural soy candles. A portion of the proceeds from the candle company’s sales is donated to various charitable causes. Barbie Bassett has shared her love of candles on her social media pages and has mentioned her favorite candle brands and scents.

Barbie candle brand:

Good News Candle Company is an online candle store owned by Barbie Bassett, known for her love of candles. The company is located in Flowood, Mississippi, and specializes in handmade, all-natural soy candles.

The company offers a range of candles in different scents, including floral, fruity, and woody scents. The candles are made with all-natural soy wax and are free of any harmful additives, dyes or chemicals. Good News Candle Company also offers seasonal and limited edition candles.

Barbie Bassett promotes her candle company on her social media pages, particularly on Instagram (@goodnews_candlecompany), where she has over 1,000 followers. The page features images of the latest candle products, information on new scents and seasonal releases, and promotions.

Barbie Bassett challenges in her career:

Barbie Bassett has been a dedicated reporter at WLBT-TV since 1999. She has covered various challenges in her career, including severe weather conditions like tornadoes and hurricanes. Despite the risks involved, Bassett remains committed to her work and is a trusted source of information for viewers in times of crisis. However, her behavior in front of the camera and her communication skills have received both positive and negative comments from viewers. Despite the criticism, Ella Bassett is a respected member of the news team and there is no evidence to suggest that she was fired from the station.

Her advocacy for women in STEM, community engagement, and activism:

A portion of the proceeds from Good News Candle Company sales is donated to various charitable causes. Barbie Bassett has mentioned on her social media pages that the company has donated to organizations that focus on feeding the hungry, supporting children in need and helping provide clean drinking water to communities in developing countries.

Barbie Bassett website: is the personal website of Barbie Bassett, journalist, meteorologist and businesswoman. The website serves as a platform for her career and presents information about her education and achievements. It also provides links to her social media pages, including her clothing line, Cloud 9 Clothiers, and candle company, Good News Candle Company.

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Barbie Bassett’s website also includes a blog covering various topics including lifestyle, fashion, and personal growth, and a vlog featuring her travels, events, and behind-the-scenes footage of her work as a meteorologist. In addition, the website has an online store where customers can purchase her book “Weathering Life” as well as her branded merchandise such as hats and t-shirts.

The website concludes with contact information for those who wish to contact Barbie Bassett regarding professional or business inquiries.


Barbie Bassett is an accomplished meteorologist, educator, and community member known for her professionalism, expertise, and commitment to education, community service, and environmental conservation. Her advocacy for women in STEM, mentorship and leadership, international experience, and knowledge of achieving a healthy work/life balance for her have made her a pioneer in her field.

Her dedication to her craft, family, and community has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a respected leader and mentor, and her contributions to the media industry will be remembered for years to come. Despite her limited personal information, it is clear that her love of the outdoors, her commitment to family, and her positive outlook on life have influenced her successful career.

barbie bassett

Here is the Full Barbie Bassett Wiki/Bio, Her Age, Career, Height, Family, Net Worth, Ethnicity, News, Boyfriend, Bruce, Update.

Barbie Information Table:

Name barbie bassett
Age N/A
Nationality American
Son William Christian Bassett
Profession Meteorologist and traffic reporter
Net worth $1-$5 million
Birthdate N/A
Spouse William
daughters Grace, Lilly Faith
Height 5 feet, 5 inches approx.
Education Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and Master of Science in Broadcast Meteorology
University Mississippi State University
Religion Christian

Barbie social networks:


Some lesser known facts about Barbie:

  • Barbie Bassett began her career as a journalist at the age of 16, working for a radio station in her hometown.
  • She is a published author, with her book “Weathering Life” focusing on resilience and overcoming adversity.
  • She is a certified diver and enjoys traveling to tropical destinations for diving expeditions. Bassett’s ethnicity is African American and Native American.

Frequent questions:

1: Who is Barbie Bassett?

Barbie Bassett is a renowned meteorologist and traffic reporter based in Jackson, Mississippi.

2: Who is Barbie’s husband?


3: What is Bassett’s height?

5 feet, 5 inches approx.

4: What is Bassett’s net worth?

$1-$5 million

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